Algebra II - Course Guidelines 2015-2016 Class Rules

Algebra II - Course Guidelines 2015-2016
Mrs. Lidwin
[email protected]
WELCOME to Algebra II! I am looking forward to a great year with you. Please read the following information.
Class Rules
Students are to be honest and respectful of others and the property of others.
Take responsibility for your education by preparing for class and participating appropriately.
Abide by the Personal Electronic Device Poster at the front of the class. (when Red- No Electronic devices
allowed; Yellow-Electronic devices allowed for Educational use; Green – Electronic devices allowed).
Hats, food, and drinks other than water are not allowed in class
Consequences for inappropriate behaviors will include warning, removal of privileges, parent contact, detention,
administration involvement (referral).
Materials Needed
3-ring binder.
Sharpened pencils and erasers every day!
Calculator (TI-84 or TI-84 Plus) highly recommended.
Homework – assigned daily, graded for completion and work shown. (2 points each)
 0 for less than half complete
 1 for half or more complete with all work shown
 2 for complete with all work shown
 There will be NO CREDIT for late homework
Homework Quizzes – occasionally throughout the quarter in lieu of homework check (4 points each)
 4 questions based on previous HW problems
 Graded on accuracy and work shown
 No makeups. Students who are not present on day of HW quiz will receive an x.
Quizzes – assigned three or four per quarter. Typically covers 2-5 sections of a Chapter (~100 points each)
Group Quizzes – assigned the class after the original quiz. (~20 points)
 You must have completed the original quiz and be present the day of the group quiz to take
advantage of this opportunity.
 No makeups. Students not present on day of Group Quiz will receive an x.
Problem Sets – assigned three or four per quarter, graded for accuracy. (~40 points each)
 3 bonus points will be awarded if turned in at least a day early.
 If a problem set is handed in after the due date, half credit will be given.
Quarter Tests - assigned at the end of each quarter (~100 points each)
 Cumulative for the quarter
 Comprised of questions similar to the note examples, homework/classwork questions, problem sets
from the quarter and quizzes from the quarter.
Projects – assigned at least once per semester. (points vary)
Your nine-week grade will be averaged as follows: Total points earned divided by total points possible.
If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it must be turned in the day you return. If you are out for 1
class, you’ll have 1 class to make up that day’s HW. If you are out for more than one class, please see me
the day you return.
If you miss a quiz or test, you must make arrangements to make-it up with Mrs. Lidwin within two days.
Failure to do so will result in a zero. If you miss the Review Day, you are still required to take the
quiz/test on time. So, please be prepared.
It is your responsibility to get the work you missed and make arrangements for quiz or test, Mrs. Lidwin
will not remind you!
Extra Help
Mrs. Lidwin is available every day before school from 8:00 to 8:50 and after school by appointment.
NHS tutoring through Broad Run High School’s Website Main page.
Contact Information
I love Email! Send your questions/concerns to [email protected]
Visit my website (go to BRHS website/ Staff Tab/ Ellen Lidwin) for syllabus and summary of daily
To insure your success in math, you need to keep a positive attitude about your work, to review your work each
night, and to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE ! Pay close attention in class and ask for help. This class
moves very quickly so please don’t fall behind!
Mrs. Lidwin
Please Return this Paper!
Student: I, ___________________________(print student name), in class period __________ have read and understand
everything in this informational letter. I agree to be honest, to be respectful, and to do my best in Mrs. Lidwin’s math class.
Student Signature ________________________________________ Date __________________
Parents: Please sign this sheet and return to school with your child by the next class. Feel free to call if you have any
questions throughout the year. I will use this email address to contact you throughout the school year. Please use:
[email protected]
I have read the course guidelines and have discussed it with my child.
I understand that missed quizzes and tests will be made up within two days.
I have sent an email to Mrs. Lidwin confirming email address to be used for communication regarding this course.
Please remember to include Algebra II block.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature __________________________________ Date ___________________
Preferred Email Contact Information
Parent/Legal Guardian Email _____________________________________
Authorization to email grades – Sign only if you allow grades to be emailed to you.
I, ________________________________, parent/legal guardian of _____________________________. I hereby allow
Mrs. Lidwin to send information to me via email regarding my child’s class behavior and academic performance.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature _________________________________ Date __________________