Chapter 5 Notes, Cont. minerals.

Chapter 5 Notes, Cont.
Minerals: All minerals are made of elements, but not all elements are
Most minerals are compounds.
Compounds are two or more things put together that cannot be easily
Requirements to be a mineral:
1. A mineral must be a solid.
2. A mineral must be inorganic (Something that was never alive)
3. A mineral must be naturally occurring.
4. A mineral must have a definite chemical composition. For example,
Quartz (SiO4, One atom of Silicon plus 4 atoms of Oxygen) or Calcite
(CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate****Know this mineral, it will be on the
Bedrock, rock at the bottom, beginning of time. Much of our bedrock
is calcium carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is easily eroded especially
by rain (acid rain).
5. Minerals must have an internal crystal formation – How it bands.
Crystal size,
Shape. The crystals may not always be visible to the naked eye.