7 Functions/5 P’s Project

7 Functions/5 P’s Project
PURPOSE: To examine and identify various marketing factors of the students’
place of work/business
OBJECTIVE: Student will prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation on his
or her place of work/business, detailing various aspects of their company
RESOURCES: Student may use the Internet and employers, as well as any other
resources that may be helpful
 Using your current place of work/business, you will be researching and
collecting information on various marketing aspects. With this
information, you must create a PowerPoint presentation that contains all
the data. Make sure that the presentation is easy to read and professional.
You will have time in class to work on the presentation.
1. Gather information on your place of work/business
2. Organize the information into a PowerPoint presentation, using the
following outline:
The Marketing Functions
1. How does your company satisfy all 7 of the marketing functions?
i. Marketing Information Management
ii. Product/Service Management
iii. Distribution
iv. Selling
v. Financing
vi. Pricing
vii. Promotion
The Marketing Mix
1. Describe (in detail) how your company uses all parts of the Marketing
Target Market
1. Identify and describe the target market for your company
2. Segment the market into the different categories (demographics,
geographics, psychographics, etc.)
Your presentation should last around 3-5 minutes. Make sure that all the
information above is on the PowerPoint.