Name: ______________________________ AP US History Mr. Hallock

Name: ______________________________
AP US History
Mr. Hallock
Chapter 4 – The Bonds of Empire, 1660-1750
Identifications: After reading Chapter 4, you should be able to identify and explain the
historical significance of each of the following:
Stuart Restoration
Charles II
Dominion of New England
Sir Edmond Andros
Glorious Revolution
William and Mary
Leisler’s Rebellion
John Coode
King William’s War
Queen Anne’s War
Navigation Acts
salutary neglect
Middle Passage
New York
Charles Town
Walking Purchase Treaty
James Oglethorpe
Stono Rebellion
New York Conspiracy of 1741
King George’s War
Board of Trade
John Peter Zenger
Benjamin Franklin
First Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards
George Whitefield
New Lights vs. Old Lights
Thought Questions:
1. To what extent did the American colonies exhibit equality, liberty, and selfgovernment during the period from 1700-1750?
2. What impact did the Great Awakening have on religious, social, educational, and
political developments in eighteenth-century America?
3. In what ways did the imposed system of mercantilism hurt and help the mainland
British colonies?
4. “In the second quarter of the eighteenth century, no American more fully embodied the
Enlightenment spirit than Franklin.” Assess the validity of this statement.