Mrs. McInnis’s Monday Memo!!

Mrs. McInnis’s Monday Memo!!
Here’s what’s happening in our class the week of March 14th, 2016:
Reading- We will finish Lesson 3 of their novels independently and have their final
Literature Circle groups. All written work is due on Friday.
Language-This week in Writing Workshop we will finish our Biography Posters.
Science - We will finish our unit on Force and Motion. Students will complete an Open
Book Assessment later in the week, so no need to study for this if they have been
completing all assignments in class.
Math- Look for their Fractions Quizzes in their Monday Folders. Quiz corrections should
be completed and turned in tomorrow. This week we will begin working on decimals.
Reminders and important dates:
1. Information is in the Monday Folder about our field trip to Mount Vernon.
2. Thursday is Saint Patrick’s Day! Wear green to celebrate!
3. This week students should be finished with their Famous Person outlines and
Biography Posters by Friday. We will continue the Power Point presentations in
the computer lab this week and the week after Spring Break.
4. Please make sure the children are completing DLR Quiz corrections if needed.
5. As always, if you know your child will be leaving early during the day, please send
in a note so I can have homework ready for him or her before called for
dismissal. If a quiz or test is to be given on that day, he or she should take it the
day before the missed day. Missed work cannot be sent home in advance. Also,
please let me know ASAP if your child will miss any days of school prior to or
directly after Spring Break.
6. If you read today’s Monday Memo on Monday, please draw a kite next to your
signature tonight!
7. The SCA Spirit Day for this month is: Wacky Tacky day. On Friday March 18th your child
is invited to dress in the most obnoxious, wackiest, brightly colored outfit! The class in
K-2 and 3-5 with the most students dressed the wackiest and tackiest will win the Lowes
Island Spirit Leopard for their classroom!
8. The SCA alongside with the PTO will be Filling Buckets of Gold with art supplies
for INOVA Children's Hospital from March 7th - March 18th. Grade levels will be
competing for the most supplies collected. The grade level that brings the most items will
receive a special treat... Extra Recess!! The supplies needed are: NEW Coloring/activity
books, markers, crayons, tempera paint, playdoh, activity sets (jewelry making, toy model
creations), and character stickers.
9. I hope you all have a fabulous Spring Break!