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Civil War:
Human Toll:
•North lost 364,000 soldiers
•South lost 260,000 soldies
•1 out of 3 southern men killed
or wounded
Physical Toll:
9,000 miles of South’s
railroad destroyed
Killed 1/3 of all livestock
Destroyed farmland,
buildings and machinery.
12 years after the Civil War when former
Confederate States were brought back to
the United States.
1. How can we rebuild
the South and bring
them back into the
2. How can we help
 Birth Name: Frederick
Bailey (changed his name
after escaping from slavery
in order to avoid capture)
 Abolitionist writer and
 Fought for adoption of
amendments that
guaranteed equal voting
 A powerful voice for
human rights and civil
liberties for all
 Urged Southerners to
reconcile with
Northerners at the end of
the war and reunite as
Americans when some
wanted to continue to
 Became president of
Washington College
(now Washington and
Lee University)
 16th President of the
United States
 Believed secession from
the Union was illegal
 His reconstruction
plan called for
 Preservation of the
Union was more
important than
punishing the South
 “Forgive & Forget”
 Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth on April 14,
1865 at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C.
 5 Days after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox to
end the Civil War
 Andrew Johnson becomes president.
 After Lincoln’s death, Johnson tried to continue his
•Radical Republicans in
Congress opposed Presidential
•Radical Republicans wanted to
punish the south
•“Punish, Punish, Punish”