Global Climate Change Education Workshop

Global Climate Change Education Workshop
Learn Project-Based Curriculum Units using NASA & NOAA Climate Resources
Supported through a NASA Climate Change Education Grant
Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY
August 8-12, 2011
Application Deadline: March 10, 2011
Notification of Acceptance: March 31, 2011
Please complete and submit first two pages of the application electronically.
Email: [email protected]
The last page with signatures should be printed and mailed or faxed:
(315) 268- 6515
Mail: Diane Brouwer
Office of Educational Partnerships
Box 5631
Clarkson University
Potsdam NY 13699-5631
Applicant Information :
Home Address
Home Phone
Cell Phone
E Mail (home)
E-mail (school)
School District Information:
School District
Course Assignment for 2011-2012 School Year (best guess)
per section
Lab ?
teaching this
To be completed by the Teacher Applicant:
(type in response below each question)
1. Do you currently teach climate change science or concepts? If so, please briefly
describe how and at what level you now include climate change in your
2. Briefly describe your interest or motivation in teaching climate change to your
3. How do you anticipate integrating new climate change curricula into your
4. Please describe any experiences you have had teaching inquiry or project based
5. What do you hope to gain through participation in this workshop?
6. Have you ever participated in other professional development activities? If so,
briefly describe the activity, including sponsoring university or agency, length of
workshop, and follow-up or classroom implementation requirements.
7. Describe your activities in professional or community
(presentations at conferences, committee leadership etc.)
8. One component of the workshop will be the utilization of NASA and NOAA
resources, including database acquisition, downloading information to excel
spreadsheets and interpreting the datasets. Please check the phrase that best
describes your experiences and comfort level with these types of activities. (Don’t
let this scare you, some of these skills will be taught in the workshop!)
Novice, but willing to learn
Familiar, have limited experience
Moderately comfortable
Proficient, willing to help others
Please print this page and sign where indicated. Return this signed page by fax,
mail or email (your choice.) See page 1 for contact information.
To be completed by the School Principal:
Principal’s Name:____________________________________________________
E Mail: ________________________________Phone Number:_______________________________
It is expected and necessary that the teachers involved with this grant will have the full
support of their districts. Please respond to the following:
1. The grant funds include a stipend for the teacher participants of $1000 for the 5
day workshop. If your district has a contract-required teacher stipend for this type
of summer workshop, does our stipend meet this requirement?
2. The grant from NASA requires that students participate in two surveys: a climate
literacy survey as a pre/post test and an interest in STEM careers survey.
These assessments of student participants have been reviewed as “research on
human subjects” by Clarkson University’s Institutional Review Board and have
been approved. Will your school support the collection of assessment information
from your students to help define the success of this project?
3. Will project staff and evaluators be allowed to visit participating classrooms,
interview teachers and students (confidentially) and take photos and videos of
project implementation (with signed release forms and no names)?
Principal’s Signature
To be completed by the applicant:
1. I have read the “Benefits for and Expectations of Participants” and am committed
to full participation in this project if I am selected as a participant.
Applicant’s Signature