Name: _______________________________ USVA History Chapter 19.2 – American power tips the balance

Name: _______________________________
USVA History
Chapter 19.2 – American power tips the balance
Main Idea - The US ____________________ a large army and navy to help the
_________________ achieve victory
America Mobilizes
1. The US involvement in the war tips the scales and helps the _______________ win
 Fresh ___________________and ___________________________
 The US was not prepared and needed to take drastic measures to get ready to fight
2. Selective Service Act- May 1917
 Required men to register with the government in order to be randomly selected
for military service
o __________________________ men registered and 2 million fought in
o 400,000 _____________________________________________ fought in
segregated units
o Women were able to serve in the Army of Corps of Nurses
3. ______________________________ Production
 Needed food, equipment, weapons and especially transportation
o The gov. gave special privileges to shipyard workers
 Draft exemptions
America goes on the Offense
1. At first American troops were just going to be used as ___________________ but
they soon took on a bigger role
 Americans arrived in time to stop the German push into France
o German troops were 50 miles outside of Paris
 ____________________________________ became a hero
o At first he objected the war ( Conscientious Objector)
o He later joined and with 6 other doughboys he killed 25 Germans and
captured 132 prisoners
o Named outstanding soldier of the AEF ( American Expeditionary Force)
by general Pershing
Germany Collapses
The addition of the American troops was too much for ______________________ to
On November 11, 1918 Germany signed the _________________________ ( cease fire)
___________________________________ people were killed total
o 48,000 US soldiers were killed in battle, 62,000 killed from disease and 200,000
Damages estimated at 338 ____________________________ dollars