Mrs. Hetey’s October Newsletter Conferences Language Arts

Mrs. Hetey’s October
I will hold our first quarter conferences on
November 2nd & 3rd. I will be sending home
reminder notices as we get closer to
conference time.
Look for a Sign-Up Genius invite in your email
to sign up for a 20 minute time slot.
Ashburn, VA
October 1, 2015
Volume 1, Issue 2
Language Arts
In Language Arts this month, we will be working on
making predictions and personal connections with the
stories we are reading. In writing, we are finishing our
“Small Moments” unit. We will continue to work on
editing our writing for capitalization and punctuation
marks. Please make sure your child is reading a book
every night for fifteen minutes. This will help them
improve their fluency in reading.
Fall Party!
We will be having our Harvest Party on
Friday, October 30th.
Our Room Moms, Mrs. McMahon & Mrs.
Herrman, will be working with the party
committee to plan a fun afternoon.
We’ll send more news about the event soon.
Legacy Elementary
The concepts that will be covered in math this
month will be:
3-digit place value, rounding & comparing
#’s 0-999 (SOL 2.1)
addition and subtraction facts and
strategies, related facts (fact families,
doubles, near doubles), and patterns (SOL
2.5, 2.9, 2.20)
*We will continue our daily math routine which
contains calendar, time, temperature, data &
place value)
Assessments Update
Science &
Social Studies
*Word Study weekly spelling tests have
Please make sure that your child remembers
to complete his/her homework each night.
They also need to remember to bring their
W.S. notebook back & forth each day.
The Science unit that will be covered
this month will be Habitats and
Scientific Investigations (SOL 2.1, 2.5, 2.8).
**PALS and DRA testing is beginning and
will help create our guided reading groups.
Results will be reviewed during our fall
For Social Studies, we will begin our One
to the World project. Students will learn
how to play an active role in keeping their
community clean.
Mrs. Hetey’s Newsletter Page 2
Strategies to Use at Home!
Happy Birthday!
**Through reading aloud, providing print materials,
and promoting positive attitudes about reading and
writing, you can have a powerful impact on your
child's literacy and learning.**
Madalyn – October 17th
*Invite your child to read with you every day.
Vayun – October 2nd
*When reading a book where the print is large, point
word by word as you read. This will help your child learn
that reading goes from left to right and understand
that the word said is the word seen.
Dates to Remember
*Read your child's favorite book over and over.
*Discuss new words. For example, "This big house is
called a palace. Who do you think lives in a palace?"
October 12th – NO SCHOOL
**Columbus Day
*Stop and ask about the pictures and about what is
happening in the story.
October 13th – MONDAY SCHEDULE
**Chipotle (Ashburn) Dining For Dollars
October 23rd- PTO’s Spooky BINGO in
the gym
October 27th- 2nd Grade Field Trip to
Natural History Museum
October 29th- Fall Portraits
October 30th**Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation visits
2nd grade
**Fall Harvest Party
*Read from a variety of children's books, including
fairy tales, songbooks, poems, and information books.
Reminders to Students
We have PE on Monday,
– Thursday.
make sure you are wearing
appropriate shoes.
The weather is getting colder.
Please bring your jackets to school
for recess.
Get your agenda/reading log
signed nightly.
Bring a healthy, nut-free snack
each day.
Please contact me with any questions or
concerns at: