English 12A Sacco Interview Skills Unit

English 12A
Interview Skills Unit
Your Task: Read an article about Humans of New York and analyze photos from the
Read “A Fisherman in New York’s Sea of Faces.” As you read, you should note your
response on the One-Pager handout.
After reading, turn and talk to a partner. Using what you have learned from the article,
why do you think so many people have connected with Brandon Stanton’s work?
Then, take a look at some of the photos from Humans of New York. Visit the archive and
click on any of the individual images to see larger versions and to read the accompanying
Choose at least two photos to write about. Some stories follow along multiple photos, so
make sure you address all of them if you pick one of those. What about each image got
your attention? In detail, describe what you see going on in the picture? How did the
caption work with the image? Think about and address the following questions:
What is going on in this picture?
What do you see that makes you say that?
What more can you find?
What about this project over all interests you most? What kind of project could you do
that has some of the same goals or uses some of the same techniques?
Make sure to answer the last two bullets in a journal format and turn in by the end of