Ms. Johnson’s 2015 November Newsletter Important dates:


Tell your child how great they are doing! Encourage them everyday!

Ms. Johnson’s

2015 November Newsletter

Important dates:

 All Pink Pupil Survey cards are due YESTERDAY! We are missing 4 to get our reward!

 November 10 Horizon Chorus Performs at Falcon’s Landing

 November 11 Donuts with Dads @ 7am & school Veterans Day Assembly @ 9:30am, Report Cards sent home

 November 13 PTA Parents’ Night Out/Silent Auction, Bungalow Café Lake House 7:30pm

 November 10 3 rd Grade Speeches Due for Class presentations

 November 16-20 AEW & Book Fair…purchase and donate your gently used books for 3 rd grade book drive for fellow LCPS students at Rolling Ridge ES*

 November 17 3 rd Grade Heroes of History Wax Museum 1:15-2:00 in the gym

 November 18 Camp Comet evening reading event 6:00-7:30pm

 November 19 3 rd Grade field trip to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

 November 20 Family Fun Night with Mr. Funkhouser

 November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday NO SCHOOL


All students are expected to know ALL multiplication facts 0-12 AND related division facts by DECEMBER 7. Nightly homework for times table study will be assigned in the agenda.

Students will master representing these facts using area, set, and number line models.


All students are reading at least 20 minutes every night and logging it into their reading journals. This should be independent reading, not reading out loud to a parent. Parents please ask your child what problems/solutions are happening in a story. If the selection is non-fiction, ask what interesting new facts they have learned. This quarter we will continue to focus on identifying problems & solutions, making inferences, understanding the author’s purpose, and test taking strategies for answering comprehension questions.


We continuously work on editing, revising and adding details when paragraph writing.

We use our writer’s check off list to help students for earn a good score: o Reread to see if what you wrote makes sense o Use proper punctuation o Spell known words correctly o Do all work neatly

social studies

We will b egin our new unit on “The Mechanics of Geography”. Use Ms. Johnson’s links to help your child review all oceans and continents on the globe.


We will finish studying Earth cycles of the seasons, moon, and tides. Other new topics this quarter include: sources of energy and simple/complex machines.

At Horizon Elementary we are concerned about your child’s learning experience. Never hesitate to call the school and leave me a message if you have questions or need to talk to me. I will return your calls as soon as possible. I really enjoyed talking with the many parents who came in for conferences this past week.

Thanks for all the support you give to your child at home to help them become better learners.


Ms. Johnson

Wish List Items: black dry erase markers, pencils, white 3x5 index cards, sandwich bags, erasers for pencil tips, loose leaf wide ruled notebook paper, small inexpensive toys for our Grab Box….

Thanks in Advance!