Hello parents,

Hello parents,
Thank you for all you do to continue to support your child and our school. Below is some
information about what we are doing in our class this week! Please try to reinforce this at home
to help ensure success for your child.
Thanks to Mrs. Patterson for sending out the sign up genius of needs for our fruit and vegetable
tasting next week. Please be on the look out for the tasting permission slip as well as the field
trip permission slip.
Reading & Writing:
This week we will be learning about different writing purposes: (easy as PIE!) to persuade, to
inform, or to entertain. We will be reading many books with different purposes and also writing
with a purpose in mind. Please be sure to continue reading nightly with your child, focus on
self-correcting mistakes and asking questions to your child when done reading.
We are continuing our place value unit this week. Students will group collections of up to 100 in
tens and ones and write 10s and 1s in expanded form (i.e. 3 tens and 4 ones= 34 and 58= 5 tens
and 8 ones).
We are going to continue our work in our Spring Unit. We are continuing to watch our cup
plants to also discover what happens when one plant need (water, sun, air) is taken away. We
will learn about the parts of a plant and how each part has a specific job to do! Students will
build a plant model tomorrow!
Word Study:
New words came home on Monday. Please practice these every night, the features are getting
harder and students should be noticing them in their reading and writing!
Working with your child:
Practice grouping objects into hundreds, tens, and ones.
Ask what the parts of a plant are and what their job is? (roots-soak up water and minerals, etc)
Read for at least 20 minutes each night!
-What is the author’s purpose? (to persuade, entertain, or inform).
-Encourage students to monitor and self-correct as they read.
Items Needed:
Sharpened pencils
Note paper or cards for our writing center
As always, if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or call the school at 571-2522120. Thank you again for all you do!