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Chapter 13: Reading Quiz
Who were Justinian and Theodora? (Time Period, Location, Key Achievements)
6th century CE (500’s CE) Byzantine
Empire…Justinian attempted to restore the glory of
the former Roman Empire, built Hagia
Sophia…Justinian’s Code (codification of Roman
Theodora…came from humble beginnings
(dancer/entertainer) to marry
Justinian…encouraged him to hold his ground
during the Nika Revolt
Summarize the causes and effects of the Schism of 1054.
Christian Church is divided into Roman Catholic
(West) and Eastern Orthodox (East)…causesdisagreed over the use of icons (West says yes,
East says no)…marriage of clergy (West says no,
East says priests-yes, bishops-no)…leadership
(pope as temporal leader, patriarch appointed
by Byzantine Emperor)…Language (West- Latin,
East- vernacular/Greek)…effects- 2 distinct
sects of Christianity…attempts at reconciliation
were lost after the 4th crusade.
What were the causes and effects of the Hundred Years’ War?
Dating back to William the Conqueror as
Duke of Normandy and King of
England…England still controlled land in
France, French want it back…led to
war…English win many battles in the
beginning, tide is turned in French favor
with leadership of Joan of Arc.
Effects: continued animosity between
England and France