Scamper Substitute: Combine:

Substitute: Substitute yourself with the main character in the story. Explain the most
important effects this would have on the story?
Combine: Select five new vocabulary terms and “put them together” to form new
Adapt: Use one of the most important events and change it so that it could fit a different
character in the story’s “point of view”. Be sure to explain your answer completely.
Modify/Magnify/Minify: Select a character and change their personality, give them
greater value to the story, or reduce their value to the story some how. Explain what you
will do and how your change effects your character and the story. Example: (modify)
instead of being the villain, your character is the hero.
Put To Other Uses: Create new ideas for the author to explore in this book. Decide on
new characters, new settings for the book, new problems, new solutions, new title, etc.
Eliminate/Elaborate: Remove a main character and describe the effects on the story, or
elaborate on how/why a character in the story is so important to the story.
Reverse/Rearrange: reverse the character’s roles in the story and explain the effects on
the story, or rearrange the event’s order in the story and explain how this would effect the
story and a readers comprehension of the book?