August 20, 2015 Dear New 2 Grader,

August 20, 2015
Dear New 2nd Grader,
My name is Mrs. Canada and I am going to be your new teacher this year! I
can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you. I know we are going
to have a great year. We are going to learn many new things and have lots of fun
together. Be ready to tell me all about your summer vacation. On my summer
vacation, I went to Florida. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
I hope to see you at ”Meet the Teacher Day” Friday at 10:30 am! Students
please send all your supplies with your parents on Back to School Night. I need to
organize the supplies and label them for you before the first day of school. PLEASE
DON’T WRITE YOUR NAME ON ANYTHING! If your parents aren’t able to attend
Back to School Night, please bring your supplies with you to “Meet the Teacher
Please check out my website where you can sign up for conferences,
volunteer positions, and something to bring for our classroom wish list. If it isn’t
posted, please keep checking!
Enjoy your last few days of summer! Can’t wait to meet you!
Mrs. Canada