MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER and help us do work!!!

Simple Machines MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER and help us do work!!!
Force- a push or a pull
Work- applying a force to move something over a distance
An inclined plane is a flat surface that is higher at one end. It works
like a sliding board. It helps you move heavy loads up or down.
A wheel and axle work together. The axle is like a post that the wheel
spins on. They spin around to help things get from place to place.
A wedge is something that splits something into two pieces. You can
put a wedge under something to lift it or between two things to drive
them apart.
A pulley is a rope or string attached to a wheel. You can pull on one
side to lift an object on the other side.
A lever is like a seesaw. If you put something heavy on one end, you
can lift it by pushing on the other side. The turning point of the lever
is called the fulcrum.
A screw holds two things together.
A compound machine is made up of two or more simple machines.