**Habitats Study Guide**

**Habitats Study Guide**
Environment- made up of all living and nonliving things
Habitat-a place where an animal finds its food and water it needs to live
Please be familiar and be able to give examples of the following:
Land Habitats:
Desert- gets little rain, few plants/animals live there, very hot
Tundra- cold, windy environment, covered in ice and snow most of the year.
Summers are short
Forest- gets enough rain and warmth for many trees to grow. Animals in his
habitat use the trees and plants for food and shelter
Rainforest-rain falls almost everyday and has warm weather. Many plants and
animals live here
Water Habitats:
Pond: small freshwater environment
Ocean: larger saltwater environment
Animal Adaptations:
Adaptation: anything about an animal that helps it live in its environment
Camoufladge: a way an animal looks that helps it hid
Migrate: ways animals travel to faraway places (ducks, whales, fish, birds)
Hibernate: spending the winter in a deep sleep, body temperature falls and
breathing slows (animals such as squirrel, black bears and hedgehogs)
Estivate: stay in a deep sleep during the summer, bodies slow down
How do plants help animals? (food, shelter)
How do animals help plants? Seeds from berries fall on the ground and grow
into new plants
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