• Grab a piece of white paper and different

• Grab a piece of white paper and different
color markers/colored pencils/crayons
– Fold the paper like a hot dog
– In the middle of the paper write your name
– On each corner of the paper:
• Draw your favorite food
• Draw your favorite sport
• Draw where your dream vacation
would be
• Draw your favorite Animal
• Come to class on time, prepared, and follow directions
• Participate and contribute to classroom activities/discussions
• Phones and electronic devices are out of sight unless directed by
teacher. (More detail)
• You may have food/drink as long as you ask the teacher first to see if
it will interrupt with daily instruction..
• We respect each other, we try our best, we are a team, we learn
from our mistakes…
– What does each of these look like?
Cell Phones
• Phones are out of sight unless directed by
– 1st time- warning
– 2nd time- put phone on corner of the desk facing
down not touching it (if refused there will be a
Behavior Report written and the phone is sent to
the house office)
– If student touches phone while faced down then
teacher will take the phone for the rest of the
class period.
Consequences for Inappropriate
• 1st-Reminder of what is expected
• 2nd- Verbal Warning
• 3rd- Go to an area in the classroom to
complete work or cool down
• 4th-parent phone call, lunch detention, sent
out of classroom, meeting with parents.
(Depends on severity and number of
Positive Consequences
•Verbal Praise
•Star Student
•Marble Jar (as a class)
•Surprise drawings/food
•Positive Call home
•Can sit at teacher’s desk
• Entering the Classroom:
– Arrive to class on time
– If an adult is not in the room, please wait outside
of the classroom for an adult
– Look at board for directions on what to do
• Before you come to class please use the
restroom and get a drink of water.
SSR-Sustained Silent Reading
• Each class we will do 15 minutes of silent
reading. Most of the time it will be in the
beginning of the class. Continue to come into
the classroom and look at the board for what
you need to do. When your work is finished
during class you should read silently.
Sustained Silent Reading Cont…
• You should read for pleasure…that is, I do not
require a certain genre. The book you use for
SSR is to stay in the room. You can check out a
different book from the library for Resource if
you wish. When you finish your SSR book it is
your responsibility to get another one from
home or from the school library. Please ENJOY
the book you choose. If you find that you’re
not interested in it, please change it.
• Please try your best to use the bathroom
BEFORE you come to class.
• I understand at times that you have to go. If
you miss instruction/activity while using the
restroom then you will need to come make up
• You will need to sign out when
using the bathroom
There are bathroom passes next to the door
with your name.
There are only 6 bathroom passes that can be,
once those are done you may not leave the
classroom to use the restroom until a new
• When going to the clinic, you will take a pass
to the House Secretary (Either in House B-7th
grade or House C-6th grade)
• Homework
– Turn in at the beginning of class. If you need an
extension for an assignment please come talk to
me BEFORE the due date of the assignment.
– Late Work:
– Classroom Discussion on late work
• Participation:
– Be alert in classroom activities/discussions and
raise your hand if you have an answer or question
• Arriving Late:
Students not in the classroom when the second
bell rings are tardy. You are OKAY if you have a
pass. Those who are late to class need to fill in
the tardy slip by the door. Continued tardiness to
class can result in a call home, detention, etc.
• Leaving the Classroom:
The teacher dismisses the class and we work
from bell to bell.
• Absences:
On the day you return from an absence
students are responsible for making up work.
• Arranged Absences:
– Notify your teacher ahead of time if you know you
will be absent so you can receive the work
The teacher will choose a student of the
week based on classroom expectations
– Chosen every 2 weeks and will be announced on
the news show (only if you would like)
– Student can bring in items that they would like to
display on the bulletin board about themselves.
– Student will get to choose a prize from the prize
box and will have a positive note/call to your
• The marble jar is for class/team rewards:
– If everyone in the class is on task (randomized),
marbles will be put in the marble jar
– This is a TEAM effort so we need to work together
as a class to earn marbles.
•As a team we will also
choose the rewards and
take votes on what we
would like to have