Artifact # _________ Name of Artifact ___________________________

Artifact # _________
Name of Artifact ___________________________
Portfolio Connection Organizer
Connecting Independent Research to Your Big Question
My big question is:
I found this (circle one): photo, painting, song lyrics, essay, video, news article, other _____________
about my question.
Documentation of source. Fill in the information below based on your artifact. You may not fill it ALL out.
Title: ________________________________
Author/artist: _____________________________
Publication/air date: _________________________
Publisher/sponsor: ______________________
Date I found it: __________________ Source (website, news channel, database):_________________
Page numbers: ________________________________
So what? What does this help me understand about my question?
How does it reinforce my argument? How will I use it to prove my assertion?
Does this artifact connect to another work I have read? Explain.
How does it make me reexamine my argument or my thinking? Will I use it to acknowledge the other side
of my argument?