Attention Fourth Graders!

Attention Fourth Graders!
Would you like to work on the SC News next school year?
This is your chance to apply to participate! Students will be placed
in teams of five. The length of time you are on the news will
depend on how many students sign up (on average – 4 weeks at a
time). You may be assigned one job in the fall and another in the
spring (if there are positions available).
You MUST be able to arrive to school at 7:35 am to prepare for the
day’s broadcast. Those riding buses must report to their classroom
and then immediately to the library/news studio for a 7:40 am
Available spots:
On camera (3) – anchors or lunch and weather
Off camera (2) – camera operator or teleprompter operator
All training/preparation will occur during school hours.
Students will receive their assignments before the end of the
current school year.
Questions? Please email Lisa McGrail, Library Assistant at
[email protected] or Jill Kerr, Technology Assistant at
[email protected] .
Students should complete the attached and
return to their teacher by May 13.
SC NEWS APPLICATION – please return to school by May 13th
Name ________________________________________
4th grade teacher _______________________________
I am interested in (can mark both):
_____ Working on camera (reading the script and being seen by
the school. Must be able to read well, speak clearly and loudly).
_____ Working off camera (operating the camera or the
teleprompter which is the script or assisting the adult in charge)
The thing I like best about the morning news is:
It would be awesome if we could _______________ on the news?
(what would you like to see or hear?)
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