Do now: Write a min of 4 lines. Which... government would you enjoy living under and why?


Do now: Write a min of 4 lines. Which form of government would you enjoy living under and why?

Today, I will be able to recall location and place as well as the 7 elements of culture. I will also be able to explain how Wampum was used and how the

Iroquois governed themselves.

Show me assignments that were not done in time to receive a check-minus.

Homework: Study for your quiz THURSDAY 30 pts

Location provides an area on the Earth and can be relative or absolute

Place: Describes a location using physical and human characteristics.

What defines a group’s way of life.

Social Organization:

Customs and Traditions:



Arts and Literature:

Forms of government:

Economic systems:

Northeast tribe

Creation story (religion)

Oral history as presented by “Tantaque”

2 main linguistic dialects

Access to large supplies of clean drinking water, able to hunt for protein and gather for supplementary nourishment. (nomadic or sedentary?)

Social organization: Large villages 200-300, extended families; 3 clans Wolf, Turtle, and



Strong sense of community

Land was commonly shared

Choosing a sachem (chief) Qualities?

“War Leader?” why have a separate ruler


Social roles were carefully divided (men’s work, women’s work) Is this good, bad, or both

Benefitted from the environment. How?

What is it?

How was it used before Europeans arrived?

How was it used after Europeans arrived?

Did the shift in use of wampum negatively or positively impact native culture? Why?

Define fireside and clan

What evidence is there that the Iroquois were matrilineal?

Who governed the village?

Who makes up the council of the League?

What happened to clan leaders that didn’t do their job well?

How could consensus governing be problematic? (Every decision had to be agreed to by all members).

Was the Iroquois government inclusive or exclusive?



Write down 2 facts per region (16 total facts)