Woodland Hills High School Lesson Plans

Name: Mary Jane Probola
Date: 1/19/2015
Content Area: Chemistry
Woodland Hills High School
Lesson Plans
Length of Lesson: 2 week
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Lesson Topic (Standard/Anchor): S11.C.1.1.1
Student Objectives (Competencies/Outcomes):
Students will be able to: Explain the structure of
matter, its properties, and what happens when one
material comes in contact with another
 The student s will be able to calculate
measurements and calculations in chemistry
Stage I – Desired Results
Big Ideas: Everything around you is
concerned with chemistry and the
changes chemicals can undergo
Essential Questions: What is the
smallest unit of chemistry? What are
the classifications of chemistry?
Understanding Goals (Concepts): Everything
can be classified as matter, energy, or space
Vocabulary: law of definite proportions, law
of conservation of mass, law of multiple
proportions, electron, nucleus, proton,
neutron, atomic number, mass number,
isotope,orbital, electromagnetic spectrum,
ground state, excited state, quantum
number, Pauli exclusion principle, electron
configuration, aufbau principle, Hund's rule
Stage II – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task: Students will complete their notebooks with daily
Other Evidence: students will complete group projects, quizzes on
notes on the right side of the page and charts graphs and assignments on vocabulary, unit tests
the left.
Stage III – Learning Plan
Materials & Resources: Chemistry books, binders, interactive notebook,
colored pencils, projector, video
Formative Assessment(s):
#1. Think-Pair-Share
#2. Graphic Organizers
#3. Summarizing Main Ideas
Instructional Procedures*: (includes mini-lessons)
Active Engagements used:
#1. Note-Taking
#2. Cooperative Education
Scaffolding used:
#1. Guided Notes
#2 . Teacher Promping
Describe usage:
Date 1/19
 Martin Luther King
 Do it Now:
Describe usage:
Date 1/20
Day B
 Finish power point
 students will paste
table into notebook
and complete it using
page 95
 Do it Now: in three
lines explain the
drawing on the board
(excited state and
ground state)
Date 1/21
Day A
Date 1/22
Day B
 Read page 96 and
 Read page 98 and
summarize the Pauli
summarize the Hund's
exclusion principle in
words and in a drawing  work through sample
problem C page 98
 Read page 97 and
summarize the aufbau
and practice page 99
principle in words and
 Do it Now: give five
 In 3 lines or more
examples of an excited
describe the Pauli
state and a ground
exclusion principle,
aufbau principle,and
Jund's rule
* Include Active Engagement, Explicit Instruction, Metacognition, Modeling, & Scaffolding
Date 1/23
Day A
 Electron configuration
 Read page 10-101
discuss the graphic;
students will copy
graphic into notebook
 Do it Now: Free Day