Math 101.01 Quiz 15 January 1999

Math 101.01
15 January 1999
Name: ________________________
Show all pertinent work clearly and neatly! Points will be deducted for missing, incorrect or unclear
work. No partial credit will be given to an incorrect result without any work showing. Draw a circle
or a box around your answer.
(10 points) Let’s suppose that one day you woke up to find yourself the CEO of Megalo-Mart. Let’s
continue to suppose that you, as the CEO of Megalo-Mart of course, noticed that it cost $750,000 to
build a 50-acre Megalo-Mart store and it cost $1,000,000 to build a 75-acre Megalo-Mart store.
Find a linear equation that relates the cost, C, of building a store to the number of acres, A.
Use the equation from (a) find the cost of building a 120-acre store.
How big of a store could you build for $250,000?