Mrs. Crabb’s Classroom Newsletter This Month’s Topics Class Updates

Rosa Lee Carter
Ashburn, VA
[email protected]
December 1, 2015
Issue 4
Mrs. Crabb’s Classroom Newsletter
Class Updates
You can check out pictures of your favorite 3rd
graders in action by going to the 3rd grade
webpage on the Rosa Lee Carter website and
then clicking on the link on the left that says
“Mrs. Crabb’s Class in action!” I have added
pictures from our Famous Americans projects as
well as our continents projects. Take a look! 
To use Dreambox with an IPAD use code:
User name: lcpse
Password: elem
Tips of the Month
*Practice your multiplication facts every
night for faster multiplication work (and
division work, too).
*Check the 3rd grade school webpage for
links to all study guides and practice
Dress for the Weather
We will be going outside for recess as long
as it is not raining or snowing and it is
above freezing. Please make sure your
child has a coat and/or gloves, a hat and a
scarf if needed. We need the exercise and
the fresh air, too. 
School website:
This Month’s Topics
MultiplicationMultiplying to 12s
Divisiondividing numbers 0-12
inverse relationships
fact families
Patterns and GraphingIdentifying and continuing patterns
Collect and organize data
Construct and Interpret line graphs, picture
graphs, bar graphs and line plots
Simple and compound machines and their
STEM project- simple machines
Earth’s resourcesRenewable and nonrenewable resources
Natural resources, energy resources (sun,
water, wind and fossil fuels)
Language Arts:
Expanding endings in writing
Editing and revising
Quotation Marks
Comparing and Contrasting authors
Character’s Motivation
Details within NonFiction text
NonFiction big picture concepts-main idea
Page 2
Early Dismissals and Agendas
If you know you will be picking your child up early during the day, please send
a note in with your child in the morning. This helps us prepare to have your
child ready to leave on time.
It is important that each night your child look at his/her agendas to make sure
they are completing all of their homework. Parents, please sign at the
bottom of the page saying that you saw what your child was responsible for.
Thank you!
Upcoming Events
Chili Bowl, Friday, December 4th
Winter Festival, Friday, December 11th
Holiday Shop, December 15th & 16th
Holiday class party, December 17th
Winter Break, December 21-January 1
*Information on all events can be found on the school’s webpage.
Review Websites
Multi-step word problems, online and with video
Math facts online Organized activities
Thinking blocks for visualizing problems
Addition and subtraction
Properties of addition
(subtraction with regrouping)
Sites to Find Leveled Books (up to fourth grade)