Target 2000 Technology Team Meeting Minutes of 11/13/97

Target 2000 Technology Team
Meeting Minutes of 11/13/97
Technology Committee
Notes of: November 13, 1997 Meeting
Present: Debbie McElroberts, Linda Post (guest), Beverly Taylor, Kay Schenk, Royd
Weintraub, Jon Ebeling, Frederica Shockley, Fred Ryan, Dan Crozier, Tom Welsh, Ralph
Meuter, Carolyn Dusenbury, Jeff Bell, and Susan Greco.
Meeting was chaired by Debbie McElroberts in Bill Post's absence.
1. Email Update (Debbie McElroberts)
Microsoft Exchange group has met with a systems integrator to help with implementation
and will provide us with preliminary cost figures soon. This appears to be a good group
in terms of knowledge and qualifications. With regard to Netscape, a systems integrator
has been identified and we hope to have them on board within two weeks.
2. Year 2000 (Beverly Taylor)
The Enterprise Systems Committee formed a sub-committee called Year 2000
Compliance Committee Team. Their charge is to evaluate the overall campus Year 2000
problems with both IT and non-IT systems. They will formulate a timeline for
distribution to the campus soon.
Questions were raised with regard to what other CSUC campuses and/or the CSUC
system are doing in this regard. Although there has been some assessment gathering done
at the system level, each campus must cover their own needs within existing resources.
CSU, Chico has been working on Year 2000 issues since 1991 when we moved
mainframe items over to the IBM. It was noted that software companies are working on
solutions to their specific products. However, there are still desktop and machine issues.
Macintoshes are okay but PC's purchased prior to July 1996 have some problems. To
date, Year 2000 efforts have focused on computing related issues but it goes way beyond
computing with items such as elevators, some microscopes, telephones, etc. All of these
issues will require fix and testing processes.
3. CETI Update (Fred Ryan)
Several documents were distributed , one was Chico's CETI Web page located at This page reflects the revised SIP
implementation schedule and shows that the December 15th target date has been moved
to January 27, 1998 (Phase 4A). Phase 4B, Campus Customization, deals with items that
relate specifically to Chico or other campuses. Phase 5, Implementation, doesn't mean
there will be full implementation by July 1, 1998 but that this is the date full scale
implementation will begin.
The CETI Agreement, Time Schedule and Responsibilities handout shows the items
being considered for inclusion under the Master Services Agreement (page 4). There was
also a section on General Information and Legislative/ Administration. A separate sheet
showing the various committee memberships reflect the following people from Chico
serving: Ron Pike, Dave Abbott, Bill Peterson, Beverly Taylor, and Dan Crozier on the
Infrastructure Buildout Committee; Ralph Meuter, Beverly Taylor and Dan Crozier on
the Revenue Generation Committee; Fred Ryan on the Organization Issues & Agreement
Committee; and Dick Trimmer, Communications.
Frederica Shockley made the following motion:
The Technology Committee/Target 2000 should go on record as recommending rejection
of CETI.
Motion seconded by Jon Ebeling.
Concerns and opinions were expressed such as CETI would be creating a monopoly or
produce a resulting lack of incentive by the CETI partners to provide quality services to
the University. Concerns were also expressed about the potential for future budgetary
cuts by the legislature to the CSUC budget and the fear that the legislature would adopt a
stance that the system was being taken care of by the corporations, thus making it easy
for them to reduce state support to the CSUC
It was pointed out that although CETI may not be a perfected plan, it is the only plan on
the horizon addressing a fundamental problem with our telecommunication infrastructure.
It was also pointed out that the CSU is still in the process of negotiating and drafting the
agreement so it is not known yet specifically what the agreement pros and cons are.
Discussion evolved regarding the structure and operating formality (voting, etc.) for the
T2000 Technology Committee. The committee is an advisory group reporting to Fred
Ryan, Vice Provost for Information Resources.
Motion was made to continue discussion at the next meeting. In Favor: _3_ Opposed: _4_
With motion to continue discussion defeated, a vote was taken on the original motion
which was: Technology Committee/Target 2000 should go on record as recommending
rejection of CETI.
In Favor: __2__ Opposed: __7__
4. CETI Communications (Linda Post)
A handout was distributed reflecting SIP/CETI Communications update.
~ Next Meeting: Thursday, December 11, 1997 from 11:00 - 12:00 in MLIB 455