September HR Liaison Meeting September 25, 2014 Minutes

September HR Liaison Meeting
September 25, 2014
Benefits Open Enrollment – Teresa Palacios
 Ends October 11th
 Health, Dental & vision rollover
 Need to re-enroll in Healthcare Reimbursement account every year
 Questions – Premiums have gone down, but coverage the same
 Questions – Starts effective January 1st, but new payment out of December
check (dated 1/1)
Welcome Lynn Taylor to our Worker’s Comp and Disability Services office
Payroll Reminders ~ Alison Christensen
 Student payroll reminders
o Handling all Student Payroll issues is Theresa Goldfine
o Can now separate groups of students using the Planned Separation
Report on Insight.
o CSU HR Student Process is a fabulous resource for checking your
student’s employment information and history.
 Online Payroll Manual is a good place for all to start prior to calling your
payroll tech with questions.