MIS 327 Chapter 2 Review: Key Words:

MIS 327 Chapter 2 Review:
Key Words:
back office
bullwhip effect
business functions
business processes
business rules
buyer power
churn rate
competitive advantage
competitive intelligence
customer relationship management
customer relationship management system (CRM)
distribution chain
document management system
entry barrier
front office
IT culture
Just-In-Time inventory (JIT)
loss leader
loyalty programs
reverse logistics
rivalry (among competitors)
sales force automation
substitute goods
supplier power
supply chain management
supply chain management system (SCM)
switching costs
value added
value chain
workflow management system
Understand the concepts of:
The concepts of SCM and what information they might deliver.
Know what upstream, downstream, logistics, reverse logistics, bullwhip effect, etc. mean in relation
to SCM
The strategic and competitive opportunities with SCM
The concepts of CRM and what information they might deliver.
What are metrics? What are some that you might find in an SCM or CRM?
What is the difference between push-production and pull-production? Be prepared to explain in
Know the three (3) different types of logistics (inbound, outbound, internal).
Understand Porters Competitive Forces (5-Forces) model. Know all of its components and how they
relate to each other in detail. How does this help in strategic analysis?
Know Porters three (3) business strategies (focus, cost leadership, differentiation) and how they are
different from each other. How can each help a company obtain a competitive advantage?
What is a value chain and what does “value added” mean?
Understand the general concepts of workflow management and document management systems
What is IT culture?