Engineering Staff Advisory Council

Engineering Staff Advisory Council
May 27, 2010 Minutes – Final
NADS Conference Room
Members present: Diana Harris, Dawn Marshall, Daniel Johnsen, Andy Craig, Troy Lyons, Ryan Baumert,
Susan Beckett
Members missing: Deborah Hampton, Angie Schenkel, Dina Blanc
Liaisons present: Jan Waterhouse
Call to Order – 8:30 AM
II. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve April 2010 minutes, seconded, approved.
III. Impromptu new business items
a. None
IV. Liaison Committee Reports
a. University Staff Council – Dan attended
i. Diana Leventry gave a presentation that focused on Social Media and the
Workplace to highlight the benefits and potential liabilities. Human Resources
does offer training sessions. Sue Buckley commented that official guidelines are
currently being worked out for various parts of the University which may be of
variable levels of restriction depending upon the specific area.
ii. Sue Buckley commented that May 15 is the deadline for early retirement and
that the goal of one million dollars in savings will be met. Applicants are
currently being processed. The salary increase policy for the next year was set
at 2% for the General Education Fund.
iii. There was an update on the Classification and Compensation Redesign and the
basic workflow was outlined for the appeals process though a timeline has not
yet been defined.
iv. A general overview of the Staff Council budget was presented.
v. A reminder that the deadline for applying for the Mary Jo Small Fellowship
Awards is July 1st. Any P & S staff 50% or greater with 2 consecutive years
employment is eligible for up to $1500.
b. Human Resources, Jan Waterhouse
i. Professional Development
1. A sum of money has been placed aside for Professional Development
for this coming year and will be used primarily for specific administrator
training. The College is interested in expanding the opportunities for
staff and everything will be evaluated for approval on a case-by-case
1 ESAC minutes, May 27, 2010
2. This money is provided for by the General Fund and as such, only
employees who are budgeted on this fund are eligible to take advantage
of these professional development opportunities.
ii. Welcome/Goodbye policy
1. Jan has traded emails with some contacts in central HR and doesn’t
have any news
V. Old Business
a. Committee Reports
i. Executive committee
1. The Executive Council met with Dean Butler on May 5. The meeting was
short and focused on four topics:
a. Fundraising process for international flag display – Dean Butler
is fine with asking International Programs if they have interest in
sponsoring any part of this effort.
b. Professional development – See Human Resources section
above for general information. Supplemental discussion to this
topic included emphasis on the fact that Jan will be in charge of
the money and that no research employees (NADS, IIHR, CCAD)
are eligible due to the “fairness” issue of the money coming
from the General Fund.
c. Spring award event – Dean Butler is fine with an ESAC table and
materials, as well as any attempt to solicit donations for the flag
d. Reconstitution of Work Place Climate Committee – No action
has been taken and there is no news.
ii. International/Diversity Committee
1. After a very generous donation was received, the flags have now been
purchased. The process to determine how to mount them and other
logistical decisions is currently underway.
iii. Elections Committee
1. Candidates have been identified and online voting will take place at the
beginning of June. Susan will give Diana information about conducting
on-line voting. Voting will close and the winners will be announced
before the next ESAC meeting.
iv. Staff Awards Review Committee
1. No news
v. Staff Service Leave Committee
1. Diana will pass on information to next ESAC; Dawn will be on the
committee if time permits.
vi. Social Events
1. Dawn is currently looking into viable dates for NADS to host an
afternoon summer potluck. Friday, July 2nd has been identified as a
possibility as it leads into the Fourth of July weekend. There is concern
that many people will leave early for vacation and will not be available.
vii. Webmaster/Publicity
2 ESAC minutes, May 27, 2010
1. The website needs to be updated with election information.
viii. ESAC Welcome/Good-bye
1. Card is currently being passed around.
b. Staff Milestones/Webpage Templates
i. No news.
c. ESAC display at spring awards event
i. The display at the awards event didn’t seem to draw a great deal of attention
(from employees who weren’t past ESAC members) and it did not seem to
generate any new nominations for open council spots. However, there was a
good deal of conversation and mingling by current ESAC members with the
general employee population and the materials will be reused at future events.
d. Learn @ Work seminars - survey
i. Ryan is still looking into making a survey to gauge interest. No news.
VI. New Business
a. Request for summary of committee activity for end of year report
i. Dawn would like a summary of the year’s activity for each committee to roll into
her final report. It is up to each committee chair whether they would like to
formally present something at the next meeting or simply email her their
b. ESAC Executive Committee meeting(s) with Engineering Faculty Council and Engineering
Student Council
i. Dawn will email both councils and touch base with them about ESAC’s intention
to interact and coordinate with their respective councils. She will share any
responses she receives with her end of year report in July.
c. Impromptu items
i. None
VII. Move to adjourn, 10:30am. Next meeting is June 24, 2010 at SC from 8:30 to 10:30AM.
3 ESAC minutes, May 27, 2010