Probability Lab Prewrite

Probability Lab Prewrite
I. Purpose:
Summarize the purpose of the lab after reading the introductory paragraph on pg.
748 of textbook.
II. Research:
Formulas to Know:
1. Probability (define)
2. What formula is used to calculate probability?
3. What is meant by the term “chance or independent event”?
4. When is it appropriate to use the Rule of Multiplication?
5. When is it appropriate to use the Rule of Addition?
6. What is the formula for Standard Deviation?
III. Hypothesis:
Out of 100 tosses of a coin, how many would you predict to be heads? How might
this vary with sample size?
IV. Experiment
Materials: 2 pennies/team
Experiment: See Procedure in the textbook p. 748-749
V. Data Tables:
Design two data tables based on the requirements for the procedure:
Data table 1: 1 coin tossed, 100 times, possibility of heads or tails, arrange in
groups of 10.
Data Table 2: 2 coins tossed, 40 total tosses, Possibility of H1/T1, H1/T2,
H2/T1, or H2/T2, arrange in groups of 20
VI Analysis
Answer Questions 1-14 on pg. 749