REVISED June 2014
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I am pleased to inform you that I will recommend to the Dean of the School of Medicine a change in the
status of your position from term track to tenure track, effective ________________. Acceptance of
this probationary appointment means that your tenure review will begin five (5) years after the transfer.
Once tenure review has begun, it will not be possible to return to term track. This change to tenure
track is with the full understanding that failure to obtain tenure will result in your termination from the
University. Any offer approved by the Board of Trustees is subject to The Redbook, which is available at Additional School of Medicine policies as well as multiple
resources are available to you at
Your title will be _______________________ in the School of Medicine at a general faculty salary of
$__________________ comprising a base annual salary of $__________ and university supplemental
pay of $____________ (for new tenured or tenure track faculty the base may not exceed two thirds
[2/3] of the total compensation). (If there is additional supplemental pay, the amount and duties for
receiving it must be indicated.) If you are granted tenure, the tenure guarantee is only for the amount
of your base salary and does not include any supplemental pay. As you know, no offer is conclusive until
you have accepted the terms and these have been recommended by the Dean, Vice President for Health
Affairs, and the University Provost and been approved by the Board of Trustees.
The current tenure policy of the University of Louisville is that the date for granting tenure will be
determined on the basis of no more than seven years for probationary contracts. Your transfer to
tenure track will become effective ________________. Under this policy, I am recommending that your
tenure due date will be [date is exactly 7 years from effective date] ________________ should it be
mutually agreeable.
It is agreed that as a condition of your employment you are bound by the provisions of the University of
Louisville, School of Medicine, Professional Practice Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 23,
1975 and as subsequently amended. If you are not a United States citizen, your employment is
contingent upon your obtaining and maintaining the necessary work authorization documentation
through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
(BCIS). (The next sentences are for clinicians only) It is further agreed that, as a condition of your
employment, you will give no fewer than ninety (90) days advance notice prior to resigning your faculty
appointment. Your signature acknowledges the necessity for retaining your license to practice and
hospital privileges in order to retain faculty status. Losing your license to practice and/or losing
privileges at the major teaching hospital you are affiliated with (University of Louisville, Kosair
Children’s, Norton, or Jewish Hospital; or the VA Medical Center) will result in reduction of
compensation and may initiate termination proceedings.
Please sign below and return this letter to me if you accept the terms of this recommendation. A copy is
enclosed for your file
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Candidate’s Name