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Title of Project
Your Name
Group Members
Design Brief
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Include information that communicates the following:
 A description of the key concepts to be studies or used in the brief.
 A description of the problem to be studied or addressed.
 Background information related to the Design Brief content and stated objectives.
In one or two short, concise sentences clearly explain what will be accomplished
and why (e.g., guidelines or problem statement).
Design Brief Objectives
A set of behavioral objectives indicating the cognitive, psychomotor, or affective
learning associated with completing the brief.
In other words, explain how you are going to accomplish the challenge.
Material/Equipment List
The material/equipment list identifies what is needed to complete the activity (e.g.,
time, information, capital, people, energy, processes, machines/tools, etc.)
Limitations/requirements identify an additional restrictions or parameters to the
activity that are not stated in the Challenge.
This section describes the step-by-step process you follow to complete the project.
This includes a list of the information sources you used to develop the brief.
Be sure all resources used in the development of the brief are appropriately used
and cited using current APA format.
Design Brief