DUE on your final exam day
1) Create a new Review document.
worth 200 points
2) This review is completed in your own words not a copy/paste from any source including your
own research.
3) WHY? Because this is how you make certain you have reviewed and remember the
information that will be on the End of Course exam.
4) Complete by defining the following (all elements listed) and analyze the political, economic,
and social impact of each.
5) Then attach one visual (with attribution) for each numbered item.
The Gilded Age
1) U.S. Industrial Revolution, explain/ innovations/goods manufactured
2) Explain Pros/Cons of Captains of Industry such as John D. Rockefeller & Andrew Carnegie
3) Explain how Rockefeller & Carnegie monopolized and controlled all aspects of production
of their product.
4) Define laissez-faire economics/trusts/ reasons & methods of trust busting
5) Life in the cities, explain/ reasons rural folks moved to the city/ immigration/racial &
ethnic conflicts/ issues of cities and the residents.
6) Workers issues, explain/issues of working conditions/early labor unions/strikes/strike
7) Explain reform movements/Populists/issues William Jennings Bryan spoke to
improve/issues Jane Addams worked to improve/issues muckrakers popularized (ex.THE
8) Explain Progressive reforms such as/national income tax/direct election of
senators/women’s suffrage/prohibition
The U.S. role in the world late 19th century through WW I
1) Explain the Roosevelt Corollary of the Monroe Doctrine/”big stick”/Panama Canal
acquisition/”dollar diplomacy”
2) Explain U.S. rationale for not entering WW I/events that led to the U.S entering the
war/the impact on the military to mobilize/ impact on the U.S. economy & society
3) Explain the U.S. impact on WW I peace settlement/ role of Woodrow Wilson & his 14
points/ Treaty of Versailles/ League of Nations/ U.S. reaction to League of Nations
(Senator Henry Cabot Lodge)
The Roaring 20s, Great Depression, & New Deal
Explain the social liberation of the 20s/prohibition/speakeasies/flappers
Explain the conservative & religious fundamentalist reactions/the Scopes ‘monkey’ trial
Explain the causes and reactions to the Red Scare I
Explain the causes of the Great Depression/over production/buying ‘on margin’/
speculation/lack of banking regulation
5) Explain the human & natural crises of the Great Depression/unemployment/food lines/
the Dust Bowl & farmers western migration
6) Explain the relief/reform/recovery measures of the New Deal/Supreme Court challenges
to New Deal reforms & FDR’s reaction (court-packing plan)
The U.S. role in WW II
1) Explain the reasons for the U.S. policy of isolationism/Presidential & Congressional
reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor
2) Explain the home front roles of women & minorities in the work force/ the mobilization
of the war industry/ how the public supported the war effort/ how the war was funded
3) Explain turning points of WW II/D-Day Invasion/Battle of Midway/rationale for and
results of dropping atomic bombs on Japan
Civil Rights from Reconstruction to the 1960s
1) Explain the intent & impact of the 13th/14th/& 15th amendments to the Constitution
2) Explain what ‘Jim Crow” laws were and the court case of Plessy v. Ferguson/ the impact
of the court case Brown v. Board of Education
3) Explain the message & methods of Civil rights advocates/ Martin Luther King Jr./
Malcolm X/ Rosa Parks/ Russell Means/ Cesar Chavez
4) Explain each of the following regarding voting rights/ 19th amendment/native American
voting rights (disenfranchisement in Arizona resulting in state constitutional changes ie.
New Mexico in 1962)/ Civil Rights Act of 1964/Voting Rights Act of 1965/ 24th
The Cold War
1) Explain post WW II origins of the Cold War between the U.S. & U.S.S.R.
2) Explain the post war rationale of the U.S. in Europe/Marshall Plan/ NATO/ U.S.S.R
reaction to NATO with the Warsaw Pact
3) Explain the foreign policy of the Truman Doctrine & the policy of containment
4) Explain the reasons for the 2nd Red Scare/ McCarthyism/ HUAC (House UnAmerican
Activities Committee)/nuclear arms race between the U.S. & U.S.S.R.
5) Explain the U.S. rationale & reaction/to the Berlin blockade (Berlin Airlift)/ to the Berlin
Wall/ in Korea war/to Cuba, both Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis/in Vietnam war
6) Explain the U.S. reaction to Sputnik & the following space race
7) Explain the 1950s affluent society/ housing /products/lifestyle
8) Explain rationale & methods of Vietnam protestors
9) Explain the counter culture of the 1960s, issues and behavior