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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
English 11B
SWBAT reflect upon creative elements and respond in a critical manner.
Review Catcher in the Rye creative project (see webpage).
In your reading groups, analyze language that Holden uses from
Chapters 8-14 and what it reveals about Holden’s emotional condition
(see capture sheet).
Using In Holden’s Words handout, write down any quotes from Holden
that you find important or favorite expressions that may reveal
Holden’s personality. Explain the significance of each phrase, in your
own words, in the right-hand column.
Complete assignment on developing voice (see webpage). Turn in “My
Voices” poem by end of period.
Select one word from Catcher in the Rye vocabulary handout (see
webpage). Using a dictionary and/or thesaurus, define the word, its
synonyms and antonym, part(s) of speech, and use in sentence. Teach this
word and its proper usage to rest of class.
Continue the documentary called Devil’s Playground on the Amish tradition of
rumspringa. While you are watching this film, think about the director’s purpose in
creating this film. Take notes, on the following topics: 1) what is the conflict here? 2)
what is the director’s purpose in creating this documentary? 3) who is the audience
for this documentary? Also, take notes on at least one of the following characters:
Faron, Gerald, Joann or Velda, and, by the end of the film, be able to write their story
in your own words.
Homework/Upcoming Due Dates:
 Next reading quiz on Catcher in the Rye Ch. 8-14 will be
Tuesday, 8 March.
 Catcher in the Rye creative project due Thursday, March 17.