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"Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh
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the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt
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aboard abroad
abode adobe
bard brad
bare brae
barley bleary
barn bran
beard bread
binary brainy
blot bolt
board broad
brunt burnt
bugle bulge
caller cellar
calm clam
carne crane
carol coral
carp crap
carte crate
carve crave
casual causal
citric critic
clod cold
clot colt
cloud could
conserve converse
corny crony
crud curd
dairy diary
deity diety
entirety eternity
except expect
form from
forth froth
galenite gelatine
garb grab
garter grater
gateway getaway
gingko ginkgo
gird grid
gusty gutsy
holster hostler
i ii
incest insect
infarct infract
labile liable
lair liar
laterite literate
lion loin
longue lounge
median maiden
mantel mental
mantis matins
marital martial
observe obverse
panel penal
parental paternal
patrol portal
percept precept
perfect prefect
perverse preserve
lion loin
plasm psalm
plaster psalter
poesy posey
recuse rescue
reprise respire
reserve reverse
resin risen
ribbon robbin
rogue rouge
sail sial
saline silane
salt slat
salve slave
sang snag
satin stain
sidle slide
silt slit
silver sliver
silvery slivery
skate stake
slate stale
sleety steely
slime smile
sloe sole
snatch stanch
snipe spine
snug sung
spilt split
sprite stripe
there three
toady today
torpid tripod
tort trot
tory troy
trail trial
tribune turbine
warp wrap
white withe
Aires Aries
Callisto Castillo
Carla Clara
Eire Erie
Euridyce Eurydice
Gorton Groton
Haley Healy
Janos Jonas
Pyhrric Pyrrhic
Roland Ronald
Whalen Whelan
Yates Yeats
bedroom boredom
carven cavern craven
catalogue coagulate
complaint compliant
metronome monotreme
seahorse seashore
snyaptic synaptic