Catcher in the Rye reached completion. Now that you have been

Catcher in the Rye Autopsy of Characters
An autopsy is an analysis of something once it has
reached completion. Now that you have been
introduced by Holden to the characters in the
novel, certain characteristics should be clear.
Find quotations/passages (with page numbers) to
illustrate the following to conduct an autopsy over
your assigned character.
Parts for the “Autopsy”
Head – Character’s intellect: Dreams? Ideas? Goals?
Eyes – Seeing world through character: Memorable
sights? Reaction to seeing new things?
Ears – Hearing as the character: What does the
character remember/notice and remember others
Mouth – Character’s communication: What does the
character say or share? Arguments/debates?
Hands – Practical side: What type of conflict does
the character have to deal with and how?
Heart – Emotional side: What does he or she ‘love”
or care about?
Torso (GUT) – Instinctive side: What does the
character like about themselves? What is hidden
from others? What brings pain? Feelings?
Legs – Playful side: What does the character do for
fun or pleasure? Other hobbies?
Feet – Mobility: Where has he or she been
figuratively and literally? How has the
character been affected by travel, setting
(where things take place) or change?