Course Name: Laboratory Management (240490) 1


Lecturer: Dr. Raida Wajih Khalil

Internal Examiner : A

Faculty of Science

Department of Biotechnology & Genetic


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Course Name: Laboratory Management (240490) 1 st semester: 2014/2015 Sec: 1 Date: 29 th Jan 2015

Final Exam Time: 13:00pm Duration: 120 minutes Number of Pages: 4 Number of Questions: 2

Mark: /40

The main object of education is to keep continually asking questions"

Q1. Choose the most correct answer(? Pts)

A-leadership and management are often thought of as the same thing:

1- True 2-False

B------------addressed the difference between management and leadership:

1-Longest 2-Synder 3-Maccoby’s 4-no correct answer

C-----------------are administrators whose able to influence decision :

1-Managers 2-leaders 3-supervisor 4-all correct

D-The’ Longest’ statement about leadership is a process:

1-a process of group individuals influencing another group

2-a process of one individual influencing another individuals or group

3-a dynamic relationship between leader and collaborators

4-No correct answer

E-Leadership differ from boss in terms of :

1-depending on authority 2-says we & have followers 3-assign tasks 4-All correct

F-becoming a leader is a simple and not that difficult: 1-true 2-False

G-management is the concept of achieving organizational goals by:

1-people co-operate with each others 2-people co-operate with community

3-1 and 2 correct 4-no correct answer

H-today’s management style has evolved to power derived from:

1-position 2-leadership 3- 1 and 2 correct 4-no correct answer

I-the parameters that affect the management of laboratory are-------and--------:

1-Goals of organization and patient 2-Geographic location and humanity

3-sense of humour and goals 4-intigrity and its size


All the best, Dr. Raida W.Khalil

J-Getting efficient analysis for clinical lab Results by implementation the most advance technology: 1- True 2-False

K-Effective management starts with establishment the achievement of the organization: 1-True 2-False

L-----------,-----------and -----------are the basic steps of function of management are in order:

1-paning, organization and implementation

2-organization, planning and implementation

3-imlplementaion, organization and planning

4-planing, implementation and organization

M-implementation is a stage of management function, which includes:

1-controling 2- monitoring 3-assessing 4- all correct

N-----------is the central person whose guides others towards achieving goals:

1-Manager 2-leader 3-supervisor 4- all correct

O-------------includes activities such as assessment and its major component is------------

1-impelentation, vision 2-planning, personal development

3-planning, goal setting 4-organizing, innovation

P-Management function is equivalent to responsibilities associated with manager duties:

1-True 2-False

Q -implementation is a management function stage and which includes:

1- monitoring 2- controlling 3-assessment 4-All correct

R----------is an essential process for reducing ambiguity and anxiety among staff in the organization:

1-organization 2- participating 3-planning 4- coordinating

S-The shewhart cycle is a continuous, circular cycle and including 4 steps:

1-plan, process, act and check 2-plan, do, check and implement

3-plan,do, check and act 4-all correct

T-the management position of supervisory requires more frequent:

1-people skills 2-technical skills 3-cognitive skills 4-1&2 correct

U-the boundaries separating each management function are overlapping:

1-True 2-False

V-the laboratory functions of today’s laboratory function are more ---------------, except:

1-diverse 2-complex 3-well skilled in management 4- all correct except 2

W-Obtaining manager and leadership skills is a factor of :


All the best, Dr. Raida W.Khalil

1- training 2- Experience 3-1 and 2 correct 4-no correct answer

X-the management function relies into :

1-coordination, communication and collaboration

2-coordination, communication and cooperation

3- coordination, communication and participation

4-All correct

Y--------reflect the culture and values of the laboratory:

1-goals 2-objectives 3-mission 4-vision

Z------, in which a decision must be made, is vary and depends on the problem:

1-time 2-speed 3-skills 4-no correct answer

A’-short-term plan defines less goals and more complex:

1- True 2-False

B’--------is considered a good approach to reach effective planning:

1-time 2-assessment and survey 3-1&2 correct 4-no correct answer

C’-the major compound of the organization function are:

1-collaboration 2-staffing 3-priorization 4-all correct

D’-the organization mission should be:

1-realistic 2-challenging 3-without goals 4-1 and 2 correct

E’----------provides non-specific directional guidance for organization:

1-mission 2-vision 3-goals 4-objectives

F’-the laboratory manager facing Two types of problems:

1-structured and non-recurring 2-routine and unstructured

3-structured and unstructured 4-All correct

G’--------requires significant attention to details and monitoring for any adjustment in the organization:

1-assessment 2-survy 3- coordination 4-collaboration

H’-effective manager make quick and complicated decision:

1-True 2-False

I’-John Synder defines leadership as:

1-ability to motivate others to seek targeted objectives.

2-Ability to improve the manager skills 3-1 and 2 correct 4-NO correct answer

J’-The managers make ------------decision under 3 conditions and which is the most common : 1-cerinly 2-risk 3-uncertinly 4-alternative


All the best, Dr. Raida W.Khalil

K’-decision making is the process of choosing among limited alternatives:

1-True 2-False

Q.2: Answer one of the following problems(5pts)


All the best, Dr. Raida W.Khalil