Career Planning Class Evaluations-Fall 2006

Career Planning Class Evaluations-Fall 2006
Evaluation Scale:
1. Poor
2. Below Average
3. Average
1) The overall value of the class was:
2) The assignments were:
4. Above Average
5. Superior
3) The course content was: 4.57
4) What could be added or taken away from the course content to make it better?
Maybe more help with the actual job search or internship search
Less student presentations and more employer presentations and
individual research might be helpful
Combine the Mentor and e-Recruiting projects since presentations take so
long to get through the whole class
More points: it is actually somewhat hard to do all that well with only 140
Take away all of the presentations-it is too many
The extensive Mentor and e-Recruiting project could be taken away. I
don’t think its necessary to do PowerPoint and paper
Add more job search/research, info. about grad school
Less emphasis on the presentations. Didn’t get much out of watching
everyone present
The presentations could be taken away and replaced w/ more info. on
interviewing and grad schools
Spending more time on graduate school and the best ways to search for a
job (besides e-Recruiting)
Combine some of the PowerPoint topics or eliminate one of the
PowerPoint presentations. More time for contacting mentors would be
helpful because many mentors were on vacation and/or swamped with
Maybe less smaller presentations, and have one final project in the end in
order to save more time
5) Do you think the participatory events were worthwhile?
Yes: 13
No: 1
6) The Mentor Network Project was: 2.57
7) How could the Mentor Network Project be improved?
- Have mentors on the network who have valid email addresses and more
available in Salisbury specifically or other regions
- Requirements should be less
- Combine with e-Recruiting
- More time to communicate/contact mentors
- Nothing it was great!!!
- If the mentor network online was updated so people whose emails were wrong
were eliminated it would save a lot of time and effort
- The elimination of old and invalid email addresses from the network and not to
have our grade on responses because most people were unreliable
- It was very helpful to get feedback from people who were already in the field
I’m interested in
- Spend more time using the info. from the mentors, instead of doing individual
- No tokens!
- Possibly an extra week to contact mentors because many I contacted were on
vacation or just coming back from/leaving for vacation
- Start contacting in the beginning of the class—have the whole semester to
receive feedback
8) The Job Fair Assignment was: 4.07
9) How could the Job Fair Assignment be improved?
- Maybe a makeup project because the Job Fair doesn’t appeal to all
majors or fields
- Have students talk to as many employers as possible with time restraints
in mind (other classes)
- Spend time in class researching the specific employers
- Contacting 5 employers was hard for people who had class during the
time of the Job Fair. Good project though.
- I thought it was a good assignment but the Job Fair needs a more well
rounded group of employers
- Nothing. I learned so many new things
- Didn’t think it should be
- More preparation
- Have a larger variety of employers. There were a lot of Accounting,
Nursing, and Social Work employers
10) The guest speakers were: 4.14
11) The binder was helpful to organize my information and will it be something I
can utilize in the future?
Yes: 12
No: 2
12) Do you think freshman and sophomores should be included in this class?
Yes: 2
No: 12
13) The course location was: 4.42
14) The evaluations used in this class to determine grades were: 4.14
15) Would you prefer a more structured evaluation process such as more
advanced testing?
Yes: 0
16) Do you feel the book helped?
No: 14
Yes: 4
No: 10
17) The most beneficial area of the class was:
Top three: Resume and Cover Letter, Mentor Project
18) The teacher’s enthusiasm was: 4.85
19) The teacher’s preparation was: 4.71
20) The teacher’s punctuality was: 4.85
21) The teacher’s explanation of course content was: 4.85
22) The teacher’s availability to students was: 4.85
23) Would you recommend this class?
Yes: 14
No: 0
24) What ways could the class be improved?
- More time for presenting projects and in class work. This could help
class be slightly more structured
Spend less time on presenting the projects. Spend more time on the job
I didn’t find the book necessary during the class periods but I intend on
keeping the book for future reference in the future of my career
Less presentations and more time spent on job searches
Focus more on searching for internships and jobs
By having less PowerPoint’s and reflections paper
Less drastic punishment for absences (lose 5% instead of 10% for every
absence after 2)
Other ways to search for jobs- either assignments or just have a class
period devoted to job searches
Use the groups more
The class could be improved by more group interaction/presentations and
less individual PowerPoint’s
25) Comments/ Suggestions
Very useful class for the future!
This class was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend having
more than one class per semester
Spending so much time on resumes was very helpful for me
Great class, extremely helpful, learned a lot, great teacher!
I gained a lot of insight and helpful information!
Do more job searches and less PowerPoint’s
Very good class!
Overall an excellent class, I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot
Very helpful and useful course, I feel much more prepared