DRAFT VII: VISION AND GOALS – Measurement Instrument

DRAFT VII: VISION AND GOALS – Measurement Instrument
VISION 2012: Centralia College will be recognized as the best community college in the State of
Washington. The college will be a driving force in the local economy and be the intellectual heart
and cultural soul of the community.
Potential Measurement Indices
1. Institutional Integrity
Professional Development - Hours of Training per Employee
Degree Levels of Employees
Satisfaction Survey
2. Diversity
Student Satisfaction
Noel Levitz - Diversity
Success of Diverse Students
State Board Analysis of Diversity
Governors report on affirmative action
3. Governance
Faculty Satisfaction
Staff Satisfaction
Complaint Rates
Outside Reviewer
Institutional Effectiveness Survey
4. Physical Resources
Satisfaction, Survey
Quality we Attract
Access Rate
Usage – Density per Foot
SBCTC Reports - Site Survey Scores
- Capital analysis model
Meeting Community Need – Rentals
Noel Levitz
5. Finance
State Dependence
Contract Training/Grants
Efficient Use of Resources – Distribution Of Resources By State Board
SBCTC reports
6. Vitality and Climate
# Of Applications For Job Announcements
Quality we Attract
Success of employees after employment @ Centralia College
Turn-Over Rates of Employee
Promotional Opportunities
Institutional Climate Survey
Complaint Rates
Awards For Staff, Faculty, And Students
Completion Of Performance Reviews
Government Agency reports – crime statistics
Food Service comment cards
Campus incident reports
Staff wellness contracts
Expenditure data – travel, prof. dev., sabbaticals, stipends
7. Instruction
% of population being served in comparison to demographic distribution
% of population being served in comparison to geographic distribution
% Of Classes Taught By Full Time
Quality we Attract
GPA And Transfer
Level of Success In Attaining Student Outcomes
Attainment of Learning Themes
Noel Levitz Scales – Significantly Higher Than National Averages
Satisfaction Survey
Alverno Methodology
Program Review
Full Time/Part Time Ratio
State Board Data
Degrees of Faculty
4 year college data – gpa
Advisory Committee evaluations
Faculty evaluations
Degrees, certificates and diplomas awarded
Completers by program and intent
Success rate in GED exams
Courses offered per quarter/year
Student course evaluations
8. Students
Market Share of Students Captured By Our Institution
Participation Rate
Job Placement Rates
Transfer Rates
Transfer to School Types – 4-Year University/Colleges
Student Satisfaction
State Board Data
9. Library and Information Resources
Electronic Databases,
Literacy Rate
Collection Size
State Board Data
Circulation and usage data
10. Assessment
Level of Success In Attaining Student Outcomes
Alverno Model
Program Review
Student and Faculty Satisfaction Survey
11. Community Involvement
Satisfaction Survey of Community
Advisory Committee Survey
Employee Involvement in Community
Foundation Donations
Participation in College Activities