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Duchene, S., Duchene, D., Di Giallonardo, F.,
Eden, J., Geoghegan, J., Holt, K., Ho, S.,
Holmes, E. (2016). Cross-validation to select
Bayesian hierarchical models in phylogenetics.
BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16(1), 1-8. <a
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Di Giallonardo, F., Geoghegan, J., Docherty, D.,
McLean, R., Zody, M., Qu, J., Yang, X., Birren,
B., Malboeuf, C., Newman, R., Holmes, E., et al
(2016). Fluid spatial dynamics of West Nile virus
in the USA: rapid spread in a permissive host
environment. Journal of Virology, 90(2),
862-872. <a
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Kok, Y., Vongrad, V., Shilaih, M., Di
Giallonardo, F., Kuster, H., Kouyos, R.,
Gunthard, H., Metzner, K. (2016).
Monocyte-derived macrophages exhibit distinct
and more restricted HIV-1 integration site
repertoire than CD4 + T cells. Scientific Reports,
6, 1-11. <a
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Duchene, S., Di Giallonardo, F., Holmes, E.
(2016). Substitution Model Adequacy and
Assessing the Reliability of Estimates of Virus
Evolutionary Rates and Time Scales. Molecular
Biology and Evolution, 33(1), 255-267. <a
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Geoghegan, J., Senior, A., Di Giallonardo, F.,
Holmes, E. (2016). Virological factors that
increase the transmissibility of
emerging human viruses. Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences of the United
States of America (PNAS), 113(15), 4170-4175.
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Di Giallonardo, F., Holmes, E. (2015). Exploring
host-pathogen interactions through biological
control. PLoS Pathogens, 11(6), 1-5. <a
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Di Giallonardo, F., Holmes, E. (2015). Viral
biocontrol: grand experiments in disease
emergence and evolution. Trends in
Microbiology, 23(2), 83-90. <a
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Di Giallonardo, F., Zagordi, O., Duport, Y.,
Leemann, C., Joos, B., Kunzli-Gontarczyk, M.,
Bruggmann, R., Beerenwinkel, N., Gunthard, H.,
Metzner, K. (2013). Next-Generation
Sequencing of HIV-1 RNA Genomes:
Determination of Error Rates and Minimizing
Artificial Recombination. PloS One, 8(9), 1-11.
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Althaus, C., Vongrad, V., Niederost, B., Joos, B.,
Di Giallonardo, F., Rieder, P., Pavlovic, J.,
Trkola, A., Gunthard, H., Metzner, K., et al
(2012). Tailored enrichment strategy detects low
abundant small noncoding RNAs in HIV-1
infected cells. Retrovirology, 9, 1-13. <a
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Huelsmann, P., Hofmann, A., Knoepfel, S.,
Popp, J., Raunch, P., Di Giallonardo, F., Danke,
C., Gueckel, E., Schambach, A., Wolff, H., et al
(2011). A suicide gene approach using the
human pro-apoptotic protein tBid inhibits HIV-1
replication. BMC Biotechnology, 11, 1-11. <a
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Knoepfel, S., Di Giallonardo, F., Daumer, M.,
Thielen, A., Metzner, K. (2011). In-depth
analysis of G-to-A hypermutation rate in HIV-1
env DNA induced by endogenous APOBEC3
proteins using massively parallel sequencing.
Journal of Virological Methods, 171, 329-338.
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Metzner, K., Leemann, C., Di Giallonardo, F.,
Grube, C., Scherrer, A., Braun, D., Kuster, H.,
Weber, R., Guenthard, H. (2011). Reappearance
of Minority K103N HIV-1 Variants after
Interruption of ART Initiated during Primary
HIV-1 Infection. PloS One, 6(7), 1-6. <a
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