COSW Minutes Present Absent September 24, 2010


COSW Minutes

September 24, 2010 Page One Present: Amber Carrier, Valerie Casey, Jeanne Guerrero, Priscilla Hancock, Shirley Hardy, Brenda Hart, Nancy Knadler, Sharon Larue, Margaret Pentecost, Tammi Thomas, Martyna Warren, Guest(s): Kenny Brown, Wayne Hall, Georgette Moore and Donna Russell Absent: Sam Connally, Susan Duncan, Pamela Feldhoff, Robert Goldstein, Barbara Hanger, Dawn Heinecken, Marcia Hern, Casia Horseman, Sharon Kerrick, Ann Larson, M. Cynthia Logsdon, Kimberly Maffet, David Owen, Kathy Pendleton, Mary Karen Powers, Gale Rhodes, Mordean Taylor-Archer, Nancy Theriot, Barbara Wheeler, Linda Wilson Call to Order and Minutes: Vice Chair Valerie Casey opened the meeting at about 12:09 p.m. She introduced Verena Schmidt a student from Germany and a MSW intern at the UofL Women's Center. Because new members were present, there was an introduction of COSW membership. Valerie reminded the COSW membership that Susan was at the Pre-Tenure Women’s Conference at Purdue University. Rather than convene the COSW general meeting on September 24, the COSW held a retreat for committees at the UClub. Because there were not enough members present to represent a majority, voting on the approval of the minutes from August 2010 meeting was postponed until October. End of Report