Publications for Stephen Hunyor 2014

Publications for Stephen Hunyor
Publications for Stephen Hunyor
Bassin, L., Yong, A., Kilpatrick, D., Hunyor, S.
(2014). Arrhythmogenicity of Hypothermia - A
Large Animal Model of Hypothermia. Heart,
Lung and Circulation, 23, 82-87. <a
1">[More Information]</a>
Rayner, B., Figtree, G., Sabaretnam, T., Shang,
P., Mazhar, J., Weaver, J., Lay, W., Witting, P.,
Hunyor, S., Grieve, S., Bhindi, R., et al (2013).
Selective Inhibition of the Master Regulator
Transcription Factor Egr-1 With Catalytic
Oligonucleotides Reduces Myocardial Injury and
Improves Left Ventricular Systolic Function in a
Preclinical Model of Myocardial Infarction.
Journal of the American Heart Association, 2(4),
1-9. <a
23">[More Information]</a>
Bailey, E., Bailey, D., Hunyor, S., Ladd, L.,
Bautovich, G. (2013). Translation of
Methodology Used In Human Myocardial
Imaging to a Sheep Model of Acute Myocardial
Infarction. Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear
Medicine & Biology, 1(2), 10-21.
Lay, W., Rayner, B., Sabaretnam, T., Figtree, G.,
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Activated protein C improves left ventricular
remodelling after ischemia-reperfusion injury in
rats. International Journal of Cardiology, 159(3),
246-248. <a
087">[More Information]</a>
Mau, J., Menzie, S., Huang, Y., Ward, M.,
Hunyor, S. (2011). Nonsurround, nonuniform,
biventricular-capable direct cardiac compression
provides Frank-Starling recruitment independent
of left ventricular septal damage. The Journal of
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 142(1),
209-215. <a
57">[More Information]</a>
Hunyor, S., Jackson, C. (2010).
Microenvironment and Macroenvironment in
Hypertensive Hearts. Boundaries and Silos-Can
We Pick and Treat Diastolic Heart Failure?
Hypertension, 55(6), 1312-3. <a
NAHA.110.150524">[More Information]</a>
Grieve, S., Bhindi, R., Seow, J., Doyle, A.,
Turner, A., Tomka, J., Lay, W., Gill, A., Hunyor,
S., Figtree, G. (2010). Microvascular obstruction
by intracoronary delivery of mesenchymal stem
cells and quantification of resulting myocardial
infarction by cardiac magnetic resonance.
Circulation. Heart Failure, 3(3), e5-e6. <a
ILURE.109.931360">[More Information]</a>
Bundgaard, H., Liu, C., Garcia, A., Hamilton, E.,
Huang, Y., Chia, K., Hunyor, S., Figtree, G.,
Rasmussen, H. (2010). beta3 Adrenergic
Stimulation of the Cardiac Na+-K+ Pump by
Reversal of an Inhibitory Oxidative
Modification. Circulation, 122, 2699-2708. <a
AHA.110.964619">[More Information]</a>
Mau, J., Menzie, S., Huang, Y., Ward, M.,
Hunyor, S. (2009). Chronic septal infarction
confers right ventricular protection during
mechanical left ventricular unloading. The
Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular
Surgery, 138(1), 172-178. <a
12">[More Information]</a>
Weir, C., Morel-Kopp, M., Gill, A., Tinworth,
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Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Isolation,
Characterisation and In Vivo Fluorescent Dye
Tracking. Heart, Lung and Circulation, 17(5),
395-403. <a
6">[More Information]</a>
Joseph, A., Hunyor, S. (2008). The Royal North
Shore Hospital inquiry: an analysis of the
recommendations and the implications for
quality and safety in Australian public hospitals.
Medical Journal of Australia, 188(8), 469-472.
&list_uids=18429715">[More Information]</a>
Gallagher, G., Huang, Y., Zielinski, R., Morita,
S., Hunyor, S. (2007). Effect of direct cardiac
compression on left ventricular axial dynamics in
sheep. ASAIO Journal, 53(3), 292-297. <a
&list_uids=17515717">[More Information]</a>
Gallagher, G., Huang, Y., Morita, S., Zielinski,
R., Hunyor, S. (2007). Efficacy and mechanisms
of biventricular and left/right direct cardiac
compression in acute heart failure sheep.
Publications for Stephen Hunyor
Artificial Organs: replacement, recovery, and
regeneration, 31(1), 39-44. <a
&list_uids=17209959">[More Information]</a>
Gallagher, G., Jackson, C., Hunyor, S. (2007).
Myocardial extracellular matrix remodelling in
ischemic heart failure. Frontiers in Bioscience,
12(4), 1410-1419. <a
&list_uids=17127391">[More Information]</a>
Mau, J., Menzie, S., Ward, M., Bundgaard, H.,
Hunyor, S. (2007). Time-dependent response of
both ventricles after septal ablation: implications
for biventricular support after left ventricular
assist device placement. The Journal of Thoracic
and Cardiovascular Surgery, 134(3), 579-586.
&list_uids=17723802">[More Information]</a>
Gallagher, G., Menzie, S., Huang, Y., Jackson,
C., Hunyor, S. (2006). Regional cardiac
dysfunction is associated with specific alterations
in inflammatory cytokines and matrix
metalloproteinases after acute myocardial
infarction in sheep. Basic Research in
Cardiology. <a
&list_uids=16817025">[More Information]</a>
Ladd, L., Tinworth, K., Bailey, D., Bautovich,
G., Bailey, E., Roach, P., Hunyor, S. (2006).
SPECT/CT imaging for tracking myocardial
infarction (MI) in an ovine model. 30th Annual
Meeting of the Australiasian Section of the
International Society of Heart Research (ISHR),
United Kingdom: Academic Press.
Ramanathan, T., Morita, S., Huang, Y., Shirota,
K., Nishimura, T., Zheng, X., Hunyor, S. (2004).
Glucose-Insulin-Potassium Solution Improves
Left Ventricular Energetics In Chronic Ovine
Diabetes. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 77(4),
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After Coronary Microembolization: Functional,
Energetic, Structural, And Cellular Responses.
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