Publications for James Gillespie 2016

Publications for James Gillespie
Publications for James Gillespie
Smith-Merry, J., Gillespie, J. (2016). Embodying
policy making in mental health: the
implementation of Partners in Recovery. Health
Sociology Review, In press, accepted Mar 2016.
Smith-Merry, J., Gillespie, J. (2016). Embodying
policy-making in mental health: the
implementation of Partners in Recovery. Health
Sociology Review, In press. <a
1171120">[More Information]</a>
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Australia: TheMHS Learning Network Inc.
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28(1), 14-21. <a
>[More Information]</a>
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Health District: Gaps and Recommendations.
Australian Health Review, In press, accepted Feb
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re Information]</a>
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9-8">[More Information]</a>
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More Information]</a>
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9-0">[More Information]</a>
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5-7">[More Information]</a>
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href="">[More Information]</a>
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5-1">[More Information]</a>
Publications for James Gillespie
Salvador-Carulla, L., Fernandez Sanchez, A.,
Astell-Burt, T., Feng, X., Gillespie, J.,
Smith-Merry, J. (2015). Recovery in Mental
Health in Western Sydney: Use of the Integrated
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ore Information]</a>
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0-5">[More Information]</a>
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[More Information]</a>
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e Information]</a>
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e Information]</a>
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Use Survey. PloS One, 8(4), 1-6. <a
Publications for James Gillespie
9379">[More Information]</a>
specialist palliative care, (pp. 1 - 69). Sydney,
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re Information]</a>
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e Information]</a>
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Publications for James Gillespie
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