Publications for Eddy Kizana 2015

Publications for Eddy Kizana
Publications for Eddy Kizana
Nalliah, C., Lim, T., Kizana, E., Qian, P.,
Kovoor, P., Thiagalingam, A., Ross, D., Thomas,
S. (2015). Clinical significance of early atrial
arrhythmia type and timing after single ring
isolation of the pulmonary veins. Europace,
17(7), 1038-1044. <a
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Nalliah, C., Lim, T., Bhaskaran, A., Kizana, E.,
Kovoor, P., Thomas, L., Ross, D., Thomas, S.
(2015). Posterior left atrial isolation for atrial
fibrillation in left ventricular diastolic
impairment is associated with better arrhythmia
free survival. International Journal of
Cardiology, 184(1), 674-679. <a
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Chik, W., Chan, J., Ross, D., Wagstaff, J.,
Kizana, E., Thiagalingam, A., Kovoor, P.,
Thomas, S. (2014). Atrial Tachycardias Utilizing
the Ligament of Marshall Region Following
Single Ring Pulmonary Vein Isolation for Atrial
Fibrillation. Pacing And Clinical
Electrophysiology, 37(9), 1149-1158. <a
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Al Raisi, S., Pouliopoulos, J., Barry, M.,
Swinnen, J., Thiagalingam, A., Thomas, S.,
Sivagangabalan, G., Chow, C., Chong, J.,
Kizana, E., Kovoor, P. (2014). Evaluation of
lesion and thermodynamic characteristics of
Symplicity and EnligHTN renal denervation
systems in a phantom renal artery model.
EuroIntervention, 10(2), 277-284. <a
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Pouliopoulos, J., Chik, W., Kanthan, A.,
Sivagangabalan, G., Barry, M., Fahmy, P.,
Midekin, C., Lu, J., Kizana, E., Thomas, S.,
Thiagalingam, A., Kovoor, P. (2013).
Intramyocardial Adiposity After Myocardial
Infarction: New Implications of a Substrate for
Ventricular Tachycardia. Circulation, 128(21),
2296-2308. <a
AHA.113.002238">[More Information]</a>
Barth, A., Zhang, Y., Li, T., Smith, R., Chimenti,
I., Terrovitis, I., Davis, D., Kizana, E., Ho, A.,
O'Rourke, B., et al (2012). Functional
impairment of human resident cardiac stem cells
by the cardiotoxic antineoplastic agent
trastuzumab. Stem Cells: the international
journal of cell differentiation and proliferation,
1(4), 289-297. <a
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Barile, L., Cerisoli, F., Frati, G., Gaetani, R.,
Chimenti, I., Forte, E., Cassinelli, L., Spinardi,
L., Altomare, C., Kizana, E., et al (2011). Bone
marrow-derived cells can acquire cardiac stem
cells properties in damaged heart. Journal of
Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 15(1), 63-71.
9.00968.x">[More Information]</a>
Cunningham, S., Kok, C., Dane, A., Carpenter,
K., Kizana, E., Kuchel, P., Alexander, I. (2011).
Induction and Prevention of Severe
Hyperammonemia in the spf(ash) Mouse Model
of Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency Using
shRNA and rAAV-mediated Gene Delivery.
Molecular Therapy, 19(5), 854-859. <a
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Kho, C., Lee, A., Jeong, D., Oh, J., Chaanine, A.,
Kizana, E., Park, W., Hajjar, R. (2011).
SUMO1-dependent modulation of SERCA2a in
heart failure. Nature, 477(7366), 601-605. <a
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Davis, D., Kizana, E., Terrovitis, J., Barth, A.,
Zhang, Y., Smith, R., Miake, J., Marban, E.
(2010). Isolation and expansion of
functionally-competent cardiac progenitor cells
directly from heart biopsies. Journal of
Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 49(2),
312-321. <a
019">[More Information]</a>
Rossello, R., Wang, Z., Kizana, E., Krebsbach,
P., Kohn, D. (2009). Connexin 43 as a signaling
platform for increasing the
volume and spatial distribution of regenerated
tissue. Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS),
106(32), 13219-13224. <a
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Sekar, R., Kizana, E., Cho, H., Molitoris, J.,
Hesketh, G., Eaton, B., Marban, E., Tung, L.
(2009). IK1 Heterogeneity Affects Genesis and
Stability of Spiral
Waves in Cardiac Myocyte Monolayers.
Circulation Research, 104, 355-364. <a
Publications for Eddy Kizana
108.178335">[More Information]</a>
Kizana, E., Cingolani, E., Marban, E. (2009).
Non-cell-autonomous effects of vector-expressed
regulatory RNAs in mammalian heart cells. Gene
Therapy (Basingstoke), 16(9), 1163-1168. <a
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Mahairaki, V., Xu, L., Farah, M., Hatfield, G.,
Kizana, E., Marban, E., Koliatsos, V. (2009).
Targeted knock-down of neuronal nitric oxide
synthase expression in basal forebrain with RNA
interference. Journal of Neuroscience Methods,
179(2), 292-299. <a
02.006">[More Information]</a>
Chang, K., Barth, A., Sasano, T., Kizana, E.,
Kashiwakura, Y., Zhang, Y., Foster, D., Marbán,
E. (2008). CAPON modulates cardiac
repolarization via neuronal nitric oxide synthase
signaling in the heart. Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences of the United
States of America (PNAS), 105(11), 4477-4482.
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Terrovitis, J., Kwok, K., Lautamäki, R., Engles,
J., Barth, A., Kizana, E., Miake, J., Leppo, M.,
Fox, J., Seidel, J., et al (2008). Ectopic
expression of the sodium-iodide symporter
enables imaging of transplanted cardiac stem
cells in vivo by single-photon emission
computed tomography or positron emission
tomography. Journal of the American College of
Cardiology, 52(20), 1652-1660. <a
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Barth, A., Kizana, E., Smith, R., Terrovitis, J.,
Dong, P., Leppo, M., Zhang, Y., Miake, J.,
Olson, E., Schneider, J., et al (2008). Lentiviral
vectors bearing the cardiac promoter of the
Na+-Ca2+ exchanger report cardiogenic
differentiation in stem cells. Molecular Therapy,
16(5), 957-964. <a
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Terrovitis, J., Stuber, M., Youssef, A., Preece, S.,
Leppo, M., Kizana, E., Schar, M., Gerstenblith,
G., Weiss, R., Marbán, E., et al (2008). Magnetic
resonance imaging overestimates
ferumoxide-labeled stem cell survival after
transplantation in the heart. Circulation
(Baltimore), 117(12), 1555-1562. <a
AHA.107.732073">[More Information]</a>
Cingolani, E., Ramirez-Correa, G., Kizana, E.,
Murata, M., Cho, H., Marbán, E. (2007). Gene
therapy to inhibit the calcium channel beta
subunit: physiological consequences and
pathophysiological effects in models of cardiac
hypertrophy. Circulation Research, 101(2),
166-175. <a
&list_uids=17556655">[More Information]</a>
Sekar, R., Kizana, E., Smith, R., Barth, A.,
Zhang, Y., Marban, E., Tung, L. (2007).
Lentiviral vector-mediated expression of GFP or
Kir2.1 alters the electrophysiology of neonatal
rat ventricular myocytes without inducing
cytotoxicity. American Journal of Physiology:
Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 293(5),
H2757-H2770. <a
&list_uids=17675572">[More Information]</a>
Kizana, E. (2007). Therapeutic prospects of
cardiac gene transfer. Heart, Lung and
Circulation, 16(3), 180-184. <a
6">[More Information]</a>
Kizana, E., Ginn, S., Smyth, C., Boyd, A.,
Thomas, S., Allen, D., Ross, D., Alexander, I.
(2006). Fibroblasts modulate cardiomyocyte
excitability: implications for cardiac gene
therapy. Gene Therapy (Basingstoke), 13(22),
1611-1615. <a
&list_uids=16838030">[More Information]</a>
Kizana, E., Ginn, S., Allen, D., Ross, D.,
Alexander, I. (2005). Fibroblasts can be
genetically modified to produce excitable cells
capable of electrical coupling. Circulation,
111(4), 394-398. <a
&list_uids=15687125">[More Information]</a>
Kizana, E., Ginn, S., Smyth, C., Thomas, S.,
Allen, D., Ross, D., Alexander, I. (2005).
Fibroblasts Modulate Cardiomyocyte
Insights from Fibroblasts with Genetically
Altered Connexin43 Expression. Journal of Gene
Medicine, 7(point P8 on page 1127), 1127-1127.
Allen, D., Hardeman, E., North, K., Alexander,
I., Cooper, S., Maxwell, A., Kizana, E.,
Ghoddusi, M. (2004). C2C12 Co-Culture On A
Publications for Eddy Kizana
Fibroblast Substratum Enables Sustained
Survival Of Contractile, Highly Differentiated
Myotubes With Peripheral Nuclei And Adult
Fast Myosin Expression. Cell Motility and the
Cytoskeleton, 58(3), 200-211. <a
re Information]</a>
del Monte, F., Kizana, E., Tabchy, A., Hajjar, R.
(2004). Targeted gene transfer in heart failure:
Implications for novel gene identification.
Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics,
6(4), 381-394. <a
&list_uids=15468597">[More Information]</a>