Publications for Angela Hong 2016

Publications for Angela Hong
Publications for Angela Hong
Pulvirenti, T., Hong, A., Clements, A., Forstner,
D., Suchowersky, A., Guminski, A., McNeil, C.,
Hersey, P., Fogarty, G., Kefford, R., Long, G.,
Wang, T. (2016). Acute Radiation Skin Toxicity
Associated With BRAF Inhibitors. Journal of
Clinical Oncology, 34(3), e17-e20. <a
65">[More Information]</a>
Liu, J., Ng, D., Lee, J., Stalley, P., Hong, A.
(2016). Chest wall desmoid tumours treated with
definitive radiotherapy: a plan comparison of 3D
conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated
radiotherapy and volumetric-modulated arc
radiotherapy. Radiation Oncology, 11(1), 1-6. <a
1-0">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Zhang, X., Jones, D., Zhang, M., Lee,
C., Lyons, J., Veillard, A., Rose, B. (2016). E6
viral protein ratio correlates with outcomes in
human papillomavirus related oropharyngeal
cancer. Cancer Biology and Therapy, 17(2),
181-187. <a
1108489">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Zhang, X., Jones, D., Veillard, A.,
Zhang, M., Martin, A., Lyons, G., Lee, C., Rose,
B. (2016). Relationships between p53 mutation,
HPV status and outcome in oropharyngeal
squamous cell carcinoma. Radiotherapy and
Oncology, 118(2), 342-349. <a
.009">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Lee, C., Jones, D., Veillard, A.,
Zhang, M., Zhang, X., Smee, R., Corry, J.,
Porceddu, S., Milross, C., Clark, J., Rose, B., et
al (2016). Rising prevalence of human
papillomavirus-related oropharyngeal cancer in
Australia over the last 2 decades. Head and
Neck, 38(5), 743-750. <a
re Information]</a>
Henderson, M., Burmeister, B., Ainslie, J.,
Fisher, R., Di Iulio, J., Smithers, B., Hong, A.,
Shannon, K., Scolyer, R., Carruthers, S.,
Thompson, J., et al (2015). Adjuvant lymph-node
field radiotherapy versus observation only in
patients with melanoma at high risk of further
lymph-node field relapse after lymphadenectomy
(ANZMTG 01.02/TROG 02.01): 6-year
follow-up of a phase 3, randomised controlled
trial. Lancet Oncology, 16(9), 1049-1060. <a
00187-4">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A. (2015). Brain Metastases
in Melanoma Patients: Treatment with Adjuvant
Postoperative Whole-Brain Radiotherapy. In M
A Hayat (Eds.), Brain Metastases from Primary
Tumours: Epidemiology, Biology and Therapy,
(pp. 123-132). London, UK: Elsevier. <a
19-6.00011-2">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Dolven-Jacobson, K.,
Reisse, C., Burmeister, B., Haydu, L., Dhillon,
H., Steel, V., Shivalingam, B., Drummond, K.,
Vardy, J., Hruby, G., Scolyer, R., Thompson, J.,
et al (2015). First interim analysis of a
randomised trial of whole brain radiotherapy in
melanoma brain metastases confirms high data
quality. BMC Research Notes, 8, 1-6. <a
3-5">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Paton, E., Li, P. (2015).
In Regard to Sahgal et al. International Journal
of Radiation Oncology: Biology Physics, 93(1),
219-220. <a
021">[More Information]</a>
Zhang, M., Rose, B., Lee, C., Hong, A. (2015).
In vitro three-dimensional tumor model for
radiosensitivity of HPV positive OSCC cell
lines. Cancer Biology & Therapy, 16(8),
1231-1240. <a
1056410">[More Information]</a>
Liu, J., Zhang, M., Rose, B., Veillard, A., Jones,
D., Zhang, X., Lee, C., Milross, C., Hong, A.
(2015). Ki67 Expression has Prognostic
Significance in Relation to Human
Papillomavirus Status in Oropharyngeal
Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Annals of Surgical
Oncology, 22(6), 1893-1900. <a
7-x">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Thompson, J. (2015).
Should patients with melanoma brain metastases
receive adjuvant whole-brain radiotherapy? The
Lancet Oncology, 16(5), e195-196. <a
70183-X">[More Information]</a>
Santos, D., Green, J., Bhandari, N., Hong, A.,
Guitera, P., Fogarty, G. (2015). Tangential
Volumetric Modulated Radiotherapy - A New
Technique for Large Scalp Lesions with a Case
Study in Lentigo Maligna. International Journal
Bioautomation, 19(2), 223-236.
Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Dolven Jacobsen, K.,
Reisse, C., Shivalingam, B., Burmeister, B.,
Haydu, L., Paton, E., Thompson, J. (2014).
Accrual to a randomised trial of adjuvant whole
Publications for Angela Hong
brain radiotherapy for treatment of melanoma
brain metastases is feasible. BMC Research
Notes, 7(13), 1-7. <a
2">[More Information]</a>
Bruno Ventre, M., Ferreri, A., Gospodarowicz,
M., Govi, S., Messina, C., Porter, D., Radford, J.,
Heo, D., Park, Y., Hong, A., et al (2014).
Clinical Features, Management, and Prognosis of
an International Series of 161 Patients With
Limited-Stage Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
of the Bone (the IELSG-14 Study). The
Oncologist, 19(3), 291-298. <a
13-0249">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Suo, C., Valenzuela, M., Haydu, L.,
Jacobsen, K., Reisse, C., Fogarty, G. (2014).
Low incidence of melanoma brain metastasis in
the hippocampus. Radiotherapy and Oncology,
111(1), 59-62. <a
.012">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A. (2014). Radiation Therapy
for Advanced and Metastatic Melanoma. Journal
of Surgical Oncology, 109(4), 370-375. <a
e Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Scolyer, R., Lin, E.,
Haydu, L., Guitera, P., Thompson, J. (2014).
Radiotherapy for lentigo maligna - a literature
review and recommendations for treatment.
British Journal of Dermatology, 170(1), 52-58.
re Information]</a>
Naehrig, D., Uren, R., Emmett, L., Ioannou, K.,
Hong, A., Wratten, C., Thompson, J., Hruby, G.
(2014). Sentinel lymph node mapping for
defining site and extent of elective radiotherapy
management of regional nodes in Merkel cell
carcinoma: a pilot case series. Journal of
Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology, 58,
353-359. <a
0">[More Information]</a>
Bhattacharyya, A., Cooper, A., Hong, A., Iland,
H., McNeil, C. (2014). Successful management
of life-threatening disseminated
intravascular coagulopathy due to metastatic
melanoma. Internal Medicine Journal, 44(2),
207-208. <a
re Information]</a>
Guitera, P., Haydu, L., Menzies, S., Scolyer, R.,
Hong, A., Fogarty, G., Gallardo, F., Segura, S.
(2014). Surveillance for treatment failure of
lentigo maligna with dermoscopy and in vivo
confocal microscopy: new descriptors. British
Journal of Dermatology, 170(6), 1305-1312. <a
re Information]</a>
Du Four, S., Hong, A., Chan, M., Charakidis, M.,
Duerinck, J., Wilgenhof, S., Wang, T., Feng, L.,
Michotte, A., Okera, M., Kefford, R., et al
(2014). Symptomatic Histologically Proven
Necrosis of Brain following Stereotactic
Radiation and Ipilimumab in Six Lesions in Four
Melanoma Patients. Case Reports in Oncological
Medicine, 2014, 1-6. <a
More Information]</a>
Awad, R., Fogarty, G., Hong, A., Kelly, P., Ng,
D., Santos, D., Haydu, L. (2013). Hippocampal
avoidance with volumetric modulated arc
therapy in melanoma brain metastases - the first
Australian experience. Radiation Oncology, 8(1),
1-6. <a
">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Jones, D., Chatfield, M., Lee, C.,
Zhang, M., Clark, J., Elliott, M., Harnett, G.,
Milross, C., Rose, B. (2013). HPV Status of
Oropharyngeal Cancer by Combination HPV
DNA/p16 Testing: Biological Relevance of
Discordant Results. Annals of Surgical
Oncology, 20(Suppl 3), S450-S458. <a
8-4">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Martin, A., Armstrong, B., Lee, C.,
Jones, D., Chatfield, M., Zhang, M., Harnett, G.,
Clark, J., Elliott, M., Milross, C., Veness, M.,
Veivers, D., Rose, B., et al (2013). Human
papillomavirus modifies the prognostic
significance of T stage and possibly N stage in
tonsillar cancer. Annals of Oncology, 24(1),
215-219. <a
>[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Martin, A., Chatfield, M., Jones, D.,
Zhang, M., Armstrong, B., Lee, C., Harnett, G.,
Milross, C., Clark, J., Elliott, M., Rose, B., et al
(2013). Human papillomavirus, smoking status
and outcomes in tonsillar squamous cell
carcinoma. International Journal of Cancer,
132(12), 2748-2754. <a
e Information]</a>
Guitera, P., Moloney, F., Menzies, S., Stretch, J.,
Quinn, M., Hong, A., Fogarty, G., Scolyer, R.
(2013). Improving management and patient care
in lentigo maligna by mapping with in vivo
confocal microscopy. JAMA Dermatology,
149(6), 692-698. <a
Publications for Angela Hong
13.2301">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Millington, S., Ahern, V., McCowage,
G., Boyle, R., Tattersall, M., Haydu, L., Stalley,
P. (2013). Limb preservation surgery with
extracorporeal irradiation in the management of
malignant bone tumor: the oncological outcomes
of 101 patients. Annals of Oncology, 24(10),
2676-2680. <a
>[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Zhang, M., Veillard, A., Jahanbani, J.,
Lee, C., Jones, D., Harnett, G., Clark, J., Elliott,
M., Milross, C., Rose, B. (2013). The prognostic
significance of hypoxia inducing factor 1-alpha
in oropharyngeal cancer in relation to human
papillomavirus status. Oral Oncology, 49(4),
354-359. <a
012.11.006">[More Information]</a>
Zhang, M., Boughton, P., Rose, B., Lee, C.,
Hong, A. (2013). The Use of Porous Scaffold as
a Tumor Model. International Journal of
Biomaterials, 2013, 1-9. <a
More Information]</a>
Poon, C., Zhang, M., Ruys, A., Hong, A.,
Catuogno, C., Boughton, P. (2012). A Novel
Dynamic 3-Dimensional Construct for
Respiratory Tissue Engineering. Journal of
Biomimetics, Biomaterials, and Tissue
Engineering, 14, 31-42. <a
et/JBBTE.1">[More Information]</a>
Burmeister, B., Henderson, M., Ainslie, J.,
Fisher, R., Dilulio, J., Smithers, B., Hong, A.,
Shannon, K., Scolyer, R., Carruthers, S.,
Thompson, J., et al (2012). Adjuvant
radiotherapy versus observation alone for
patients at risk of lymph-node field relapse after
therapeutic lymphadenectomy for melanoma: a
randomised trial. The Lancet Oncology, 13(6),
589-597. <a
70138-9">[More Information]</a>
Sundaresan, P., Hruby, G., Hamilton, A., Hong,
A., Boyer, M., Chatfield, M., Thompson, J.
(2012). Definitive Radiotherapy or
Chemoradiotherapy in the Treatment of Merkel
Cell Carcinoma. Clinical Oncology, 24(9),
e131-e136. <a
07">[More Information]</a>
Suttie, C., Hong, A., Stalley, P., Veillard, A.,
Tattersall, M. (2012). Does Chemotherapy
Shorten the Latency Interval of
Radiation-induced Sarcomas? Clinical Oncology,
24(1), 77-79. <a
15">[More Information]</a>
Thompson, J., Hong, A., Fogarty, G. (2012).
Publication and Interpretation of Clinical Trial
Results: The Need for Caution. Annals of
Surgical Oncology, 19(6), 1745-1747. <a
0-2">[More Information]</a>
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therapy in cutaneous melanoma. The Cancer
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Solomon, M., Lee, C. (2012). Telomerase
expression as a predictive marker of radiotherapy
response in rectal cancer: in vitro and in vivo
study. Pathology, 44(3), 209-215. <a
3511cd5">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Fogarty, G., Izard, M. (2012). The
Role of Radiation Therapy in the Management of
Metastatic Melanoma in the Brain. International
Journal of Surgical Oncology, 2012, 1-6. <a
More Information]</a>
Shin, J., Jalaludin, B., Solomon, M., Hong, A.,
Lee, C. (2011). Histopathological regression
grading versus staging of rectal cancer following
radiotherapy. Pathology, 43(1), 24-30. <a
340bb5b">[More Information]</a>
Pang, E., Delic (nee Roue), N., Hong, A., Zhang,
M., Rose, B., Lyons, G. (2011).
Radiosensitization of Oropharyngeal Squamous
Cell Carcinoma Cells By Human Papillomavirus
16 Oncoprotein E6*I. International Journal of
Radiation: Oncology - Biology - Physics, 79(3),
860-865. <a
028">[More Information]</a>
Fogarty, G., Morton, R., Vardy, J., Nowak, A.,
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Thompson, J. (2011). Whole brain radiotherapy
after local treatment of brain metastases in
melanoma patients - a randomised phase III trial.
BMC Cancer, 11(142), 1-8. <a
42">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Dobbins, T., Lee, C., Jones, D.,
Harnett, G., Armstrong, B., Clark, J., Milross, C.,
Kim, J., O'Brien, C., Rose, B. (2010). Human
Publications for Angela Hong
papillomavirus predicts outcome in
oropharyngeal cancer in patients treated
primarily with surgery or radiation therapy.
British Journal of Cancer, 103, 1510-1517. <a
[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Grulich, A., Jones, D., Lee, S.,
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cancer. Australian data show increase. BMJ
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&list_uids=20460324">[More Information]</a>
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Relationships between epidermal growth factor
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status as markers of prognosis in oropharyngeal
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2088-2096. <a
6">[More Information]</a>
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Squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx in
Australian males induced by human
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3269-3272. <a
2.098">[More Information]</a>
Hong, A., Dobbins, T., Lee, C., Jones, D., Fei, J.,
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human papillomavirus status to predict outcome
in oropharyngeal cancer. International Journal of
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e Information]</a>
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Loo, C., Al-Ghamdi, M., Harnett, G., Clark, J.,
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Significance of Vascular Endothelial Growth
Factor in Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the
Tonsil in Relation to Human Papillomavirus
Status and Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.
Annals of Surgical Oncology, 16(10), 2908-2917.
9-1">[More Information]</a>
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melanoma: a clinicopathologic analysis of 128
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ore Information]</a>
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Thompson, J. (2008). Dramatic reduction of
chronic lymphoedema of the lower limb with
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2f3d117">[More Information]</a>
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C. (2007). Cyclin A expression and its diagnostic
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expleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland.
Histopathology, 51(1), 21-25. <a
7.02729.x">[More Information]</a>
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Cyclin D1 and p16 expression in pleomorphic
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&list_uids=17927591">[More Information]</a>
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variation in the role of human papillomavirus in
tonsillar carcinogenesis. Pathology, 39(2),
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&list_uids=17454751">[More Information]</a>
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in the management of cutaneous melanoma.
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0">[More Information]</a>
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&list_uids=16581649">[More Information]</a>
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M., McCarthy, W., Thompson, J. (2005).
Publications for Angela Hong
Detection of unsuspected spinal cord
compression in melanoma patients by
18F-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission
tomography. European Journal of Surgical
Oncology, 31(2), 197-204. <a
&list_uids=15698738">[More Information]</a>
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P. (2005). En-bloc resection, extracorporeal
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for bony malignancies. Journal of Bone and
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6.15950">[More Information]</a>
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032">[More Information]</a>
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