Publications for Brigitte Nanan 2016

Publications for Brigitte Nanan
Publications for Brigitte Nanan
Li, Q., Lee, C., Peters, L., Mastropaolo, L.,
Thoeni, C., Elkadri, A., Schwerd, T., Zhu, J.,
Zhang, B., Zhao`, Y., Hu, M., Nanan, R., Nanan,
B., Gaskin, K., et al (2016). Variants in TRIM22
That Affect NOD2 Signaling Are Associated
With Very-Early-Onset Inflammatory Bowel
Disease. Gastroenterology, 150(5), 1196-1207.
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Vidal, C., Li, W., Nanan, B., Lim, C., Guillemin,
G., Ball, H., Hunt, N., Nanan, R., Duque, G.
(2015). The kynurenine pathway of tryptophan
degradation is activated during
osteoblastogenesis. Stem Cells, 33(1), 111-121.
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Neller, M., Nanan, B., Brennan, R., Hsu, P.,
Joung, S., Nanan, R., Burrows, S., Miles, J.
(2014). Multivariate Analysis Using High
Definition Flow Cytometry Reveals Distinct T
Cell Repertoires between the Fetal-Maternal
Interface and the Peripheral Blood. Frontiers in
Immunology, 5, 1-6. <a
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Lee, C., Hsu, P., Nanan, B., Nanan, R., Wong,
M., Gaskin, K., Leong, R., Murchie, R., Muise,
A., Stormon, M. (2014). Novel de novo
mutations of the interleukin-10 receptor gene
lead to infantile onset inflammatory bowel
disease. Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, 8(11),
1551-1556. <a
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in Preeclampsia. The American Journal of
Pathology, 181(6), 2149-2160. <a
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Nalos, M., Nanan, B., Parnell, G., Tang, B.,
McLean, A., Nanan, R. (2012). Immune effects
of interferon gamma in persistent staphylococcal
sepsis. American Journal of Respiratory and
Critical Care Medicine, 185(1), 110-112. <a
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Suryani, S., Fulcher, D., Nanan, B., Nanan, R.,
Wong, M., Shaw, P., Gibson, J., Williams, A.,
Tangye, S. (2010). Differential expression of
CD21 identifies developmentally and
functionally distinct subsets of human
transitional B cells. Blood, 115(3), 519-529. <a
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Ma, C., Suryani, S., Avery, D., Chan, A., Nanan,
R., Nanan, B., Deenick, E., Tangye, S. (2009).
Early commitment of naive human CD4(+) T
cells to the T follicular helper (T-FH) cell lineage
is induced by IL-12. Immunology and Cell
Biology, 87(8), 590-600. <a
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Seddiki, N., Sasson, S., Nanan, B., Munier, M.,
van Bockel, D., Ip, S., Marriott, D., Pett, S.,
Nanan, R., Cooper, D., et al (2009). Proliferation
of weakly suppressive regulatory CD4+
T cells is associated with over-active CD4+
responses in HIV-positive patients with
mycobacterial immune restoration disease.
European Journal of Immunology, 39, 391-403.
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Nanan, B., Straubinger, K., Hsu, P., Parnell, G.,
Tang, B., Xu, B., Makris, A., Hennessy, A.,
Peek, M., Busch, D., Nanan, R., et al (2013).
Fetal-maternal alignment of regulatory T cells
correlates with IL-10 and Bcl-2 upregulation in
pregnancy. The Journal of Immunology, 191(1),
145-153. <a
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Santner-Nanan, B., Peek, M., Khanam, R.,
Richarts, L., Zhu, E., Fazekas de St Groth, B.,
Nanan, R. (2009). Systemic increase in the ratio
between Foxp3+ and IL-17-producing CD4+ T
cells in healthy pregnancy but not in
preeclampsia. The Journal of Immunology,
183(11), 7023-7030. <a
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Hsu, P., Nanan, B., Dahlstrom, J., Fadia, M.,
Chandra, A., Peek, M., Nanan, R. (2012).
Altered Decidual DC-SIGN+ Antigen-Presenting
Cells and Impaired Regulatory T-Cell Induction
Nanan, B., Seddiki, N., Zhu, E., Quent, V.,
Kelleher, A., Fazekas de St Groth, B., Nanan, R.
(2008). Accelerated age-dependent transition of
human regulatory T cells to effector memory
Publications for Brigitte Nanan
phenotype. International Immunology, 20(3),
375-383. <a
>[More Information]</a>
Nalos, M., Huang, S., Sluyter, R., Khan, A.,
Nanan, B., Nanan, R., McLean, A. (2008). Host
tissue damage signal ATP impairs IL-12 and IFN
gamma secretion in LPS stimulated whole
human blood. Intensive Care Medicine, 34(10),
1891-1897. <a
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Avery, D., Ma, C., Bryant, V., Nanan, B., Nanan,
R., Wong, M., Fulcher, D., Cook, M., Tangye, S.
(2008). STAT3 is required for IL-21-induced
secretion of IgE from human naïve B cells.
Blood, 112(5), 1784-1793. <a
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Seddiki, N., Santner-Nanan, B., Martinson, J.,
Zaunders, J., Sasson, S., Landay, A., Solomon,
M., Selby, W., Alexander, S., Nanan, R., Fazekas
de St Groth, B., et al (2006). Expression of
interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-7 receptors
discriminates between human regulatory and
activated T cells. The Journal of Experimental
Medicine, 203(7), 1693-1700. <a
&list_uids=16818676">[More Information]</a>
Seddiki, N., Nanan, B., Tangye, S., Alexander,
S., Solomon, M., Soon, L., Nanan, R., Fazekas
de St Groth, B. (2006). Persistence of naive
CD45RA(+) regulatory T cells in adult life.
Blood, 107(7), 2830-2838. <a
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Berberich-Siebelt, F., Berberich, I., Andrulis, M.,
Nanan, B., Jha, M., Klein-Hessling, S., Schimpl,
A., Serfling, E. (2006). SUMOylation interferes
with CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein
β-mediated c-myc repression, but not IL-4
activation in T cells. The Journal of Immunology,
176(8), 4843-4851. <a
&list_uids=16585579">[More Information]</a>
Nanan, B., Peek, M., McCullagh, P., Nanan, R.
(2005). Therapeutic potential of stem cells in
perinatal medicine. Australian and New Zealand
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 45(2),
102-107. <a
&list_uids=15760308">[More Information]</a>
Klein-Hessling, S., Jha, M., Nanan, B.,
Berberich-Siebelt, F., Baumruker, T., Schimpl,
A., Serfling, E. (2003). Protein Kinase A
Regulates GATA-3-Dependent Activation of
IL-5 Gene Expression in Th2 Cells. The Journal
of Immunology, 170, 2956-2961.
Chuvpilo, S., Jankevics, E., Tyrsin, D.,
Akimzhanov, A., Moroz, D., Jha, M.,
Schulze-Luehrmann, J., Nanan, B., et, A. (2002).
Autoregulation of NFATc1/A Expression
Effector T Cells to Escape from Rapid
Apoptosis. Immunity, 16, 881-895.
Schulze-Luehrmann, J., Nanan, B., Jha, M.,
Schimpl, A., Avots, A., Seroing, E. (2002).
Hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 supports
apoptosis of T lymphocytes. Blood, 100,