Publications for Michele Madigan 2016

Publications for Michele Madigan
Publications for Michele Madigan
Xu, C., Zhu, L., Chan, T., Lu, X., Shen, W.,
Madigan, M., Gillies, M., Zhou, F. (2016).
Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Are Novel
Inhibitors of Human Organic Anion Transporting
Polypeptide 1A2. Journal of Pharmaceutical
Sciences, 105(2), 884-890. <a
e Information]</a>
Qi, M., Abdelatti, M., Krilis, M., Madigan, M.,
Weaver, J., Guymer, R., McCluskey, P., Wang,
Y., Zhou, S., Krilis, S., et al (2016). Do Beta
2-Glycoprotein I Disulfide Bonds Protect the
Human Retina in the Setting of Age-Related
Macular Degeneration? Antioxidants & Redox
Signaling, 24(1), 32-38. <a
[More Information]</a>
Lee, S., Weltzien, F., Madigan, M., Martin, P.,
Grunert, U. (2016). Identification of AII
amacrine, displaced amacrine, and bistratified
ganglion cell types in human retina with
antibodies against calretinin. The Journal of
Comparative Neurology, 524(1), 39-53. <a
re Information]</a>
Zhang, P., Weaver, J., Chen, G., Beretov, J.,
Atsumi, T., Qi, M., Bhindi, R., Qi, J., Madigan,
M., Giannakopoulos, B., et al (2016). The Fifth
Domain of Beta 2 Glycoprotein I Protects from
Natural IgM Mediated Cardiac Ischaemia
Reperfusion Injury. PloS One, 11(3), 1-17. <a
2681">[More Information]</a>
Milston, R., Madigan, M., Sebag, J. (2016).
Vitreous Floaters: Etiology, Diagnostics, and
Management. Survey of Ophthalmology, 61(2),
211-227. <a
15.11.008">[More Information]</a>
Chan-Ling, T., Koina, M., Arfuso, F., Adamson,
S., Baxter, L., Hu, P., Madigan, M. (2015).
Author response: Sufficient evidence for
lymphatics in the developing and adult human
choroid? Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual
Science, 56(11), 6711-6713. <a
[More Information]</a>
Koina, M., Baxter, L., Adamson, S., Arfuso, F.,
Hu, P., Madigan, M., Chan-Ling, T. (2015).
Evidence for lymphatics in the developing and
adult human choroid. Investigative
Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 56(2),
1310-1327. <a
[More Information]</a>
You, J., Wen, L., Roufas, A., Hodge, C., Sutton,
G., Madigan, M. (2015). Expression of HGF and
c-Met Proteins in Human Keratoconus Corneas.
Journal of Ophthalmology, 2015 (Article number
852986), 1-9. <a
More Information]</a>
Chan, T., Zhu, L., Madigan, M., Wang, K., Shen,
W., Gillies, M., Zhou, F. (2015). Human organic
anion transporting polypeptide 1A2 (OATP1A2)
mediates cellular uptake of all-trans-retinol in
human retinal pigmented epithelial cells. British
Journal of Pharmacology, 172(9), 2343-2353. <a
re Information]</a>
Quin, G., Lyons, B., Len, A., Madigan, M.,
Gillies, M. (2015). Proteome changes induced by
laser in diabetic retinopathy. Clinical and
Experimental Ophthalmology, 43(2), 180-187.
re Information]</a>
Yee, K., Feener, E., Madigan, M., Jackson, N.,
Gao, B., Ross-Cisneros, F., Provis, J., Aiello, L.,
Sadun, A., Sebag, J. (2015). Proteomic Analysis
of Embryonic and Young Human Vitreous.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,
56(12), 7036-7042. <a
[More Information]</a>
Kingston, Z., Provis, J., Madigan, M. (2014).
Development and Developmental Disorders of
Vitreous. In J.Sebeg (Eds.), Vitreous: in Health
and Disease, (pp. 95-111). New York: Springer
Science+Business Media.
Quah, X., Conway, R., Madigan, M., Epstein, R.
(2014). Emerging strategies for therapeutic
targeting of the tumour microenvironment.
Cancer Forum, 38(2), 133-137.
Wen, L., Zhu, M., Madigan, M., You, J., King,
N., Billson, F., McClellan, K., Sutton, G.,
Petsoglou, C. (2014). Immunomodulatory
Effects of Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal
Stem Cells on Pro-Inflammatory CytokineStimulated Human Corneal Epithelial Cells. PloS
One, 9(7), e101841. <a
1841">[More Information]</a>
Yee, K., Feener, E., Gao, B., Aiello, L.,
Madigan, M., Provis, J., Ross-Cisneros, F.,
Sadun, A., Sebag, J. (2014). Vitreous Cytokines
and Regression of the Fetal Hyaloid Vasculature.
In J.Sebeg (Eds.), Vitreous: in Health and
Disease, (pp. 41-55). New York: Springer
Publications for Michele Madigan
Science+Business Media.
Lim, L., Madigan, M., Conway, R. (2013).
Conjunctival melanoma: a review of conceptual
and treatment advances. Clinical Ophthalmology,
7, 521-531. <a
[More Information]</a>
Petznick, A., Madigan, M., Garrett, Q., Sweeney,
D., Evans, M. (2013). Contributions of Ocular
Surface Components to
Matrix-Metalloproteinases (MMP)-2 and
MMP-9 in Feline tears following Corneal
Epithelial Wounding. PloS One, 8(8), 1-9. <a
1948">[More Information]</a>
You, J., Wen, L., Roufas, A., Madigan, M.,
Sutton, G. (2013). Expression of SFRP Family
Proteins in Human Keratoconus Corneas. PloS
One, 8(6), 1-11. <a
6770">[More Information]</a>
90(7), e547-e552. <a
2.02482.x">[More Information]</a>
Errington, J., Conway, R., Walsh-Conway, N.,
Browning, J., Freyer, C., Cebon, J., Madigan, M.
(2012). Expression of cancer-testis antigens
MAGE-C1 and NY-ESO-1) in primary human
uveal and conjunctival melanoma. British
Journal of Ophthalmology, 96(3), 451-458. <a
11-300432">[More Information]</a>
Hao, J., Madigan, M., Khatri, A., Power, C.,
Hung, T., Beretov, J., Change, L., Xiao, W.,
Cozzi, P., Graham, P., et al (2012). In Vitro and
In Vivo Prostate Cancer Metastasis and
Chemoresistance Can Be Modulated by
Expression of either CD44 or CD147. PloS One,
7(8), 1-14. <a
0716">[More Information]</a>
You, J., Wilcox, M., Madigan, M., Wasinger, V.,
Schiller, B., Walsh, B., Graham, P., Kearsley, J.,
Li, Y. (2013). Tear Fluid Protein Biomarkers.
Advances in Clinical Chemistry, 62, 151-196. <a
96-0.00004-4">[More Information]</a>
Munoz-Erazo, L., Natoli, R., Provis, J., Madigan,
M., King, N. (2012). Microarray analysis of gene
expression in West Nile virus-infected human
retinal pigment epithelium. Molecular Vision, 18,
730-743. <a
&list_uids=22509103">[More Information]</a>
You, J., Hodge, C., Wen, L., McAvoy, J.,
Madigan, M., Sutton, G. (2013). Tear levels of
SFRP1 are significantly reduced in keratoconus
patients. Molecular Vision, 19, 509-515. <a
&list_uids=23441124">[More Information]</a>
Madigan, M., You, J., Wen, L., Hodge, C.,
Roufas, A., McAvoy, J., Sutton, G. (2012).
Secreted frizzled proteins in control and
keratoconus (KC) tears and corneas. Acta
Ophthalmologica, 90(Supplement s249). <a
2.4447.x">[More Information]</a>
You, J., Hodge, C., Wen, L., McAvoy, J.,
Madigan, M., Sutton, G. (2012). Using soybean
trypsin inhibitor as an external loading control
for Western blot analysis of tear proteins:
Application to corneal disease. Experimental Eye
Research, 99(1), 55-62. <a
12">[More Information]</a>
Petznick, A., Evans, M., Madigan, M., Garrett,
Q., Sweeney, D. (2012). A preliminary study of
changes in tear film proteins in the feline eye
following nictitating membrane removal.
Veterinary Ophthalmology, 15(3), 164-171. <a
1.00955.x">[More Information]</a>
You, J., Madigan, M., Rowe, A., Sajinovic, M.,
Russell, P., Jackson, P. (2012). An inverse
relationship between KAI1 expression, invasive
ability, and MMP-2 expression and activity in
bladder cancer cell lines. Urologic Oncology:
Seminars and Original Investigations, 30(4),
502-538. <a
2.013">[More Information]</a>
Jalbert, I., Madigan, M., Shao, M., Ng, J., Cheng,
J., Wong, D., McMonnies, C. (2012). Assessing
the human lid margin epithelium using
impression cytology. Acta Ophthalmologica,
Petznick, A., Evans, M., Madigan, M.,
Markoulli, M., Garrett, Q., Sweeney, D. (2011).
A comparison of basal and eye-flush tears for the
analysis of cat tear proteins. Acta
Ophthalmologica, 89(1), e75-e81. <a
0.02082.x">[More Information]</a>
Beaumont, P., Madigan, M., Mathew, R. (2011).
Crisis in optometric screening of diabetic
retinopathy: illusion or reality. Clinical and
Experimental Ophthalmology, 39(3), 193-194.
Publications for Michele Madigan
1.02541.x">[More Information]</a>
Mathew, R., Delbaere, K., Lord, S., Beaumont,
P., Madigan, V., Madigan, M. (2011).
Depressive symptoms and quality of life in
people with age- related macular degeneration.
Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, 31(4),
375-380. <a
1.00848.x">[More Information]</a>
Kaneko, H., Dridi, S., Tarallo, V., Gelfand, B.,
Fowler, B., Cho, W., Kleinman, M., Ponicsan,
S., Hauswirth, W., Chiodo, V., Madigan, M., et
al (2011). DICER1 deficit induces Alu RNA
toxicity in age-related macular degeneration.
Nature, 471(7338), 325-332. <a
More Information]</a>
Wang, L., Chen, H., Liu, F., Madigan, M.,
Power, C., Hao, J., Patterson, K., Pourgholami,
M., O'Brien, P., Perkins, A., et al (2011).
Monoclonal Antibody Targeting MUC1 and
Increasing Sensitivity to Docetaxel as a Novel
Strategy in Treating Human Epithelial Ovarian
Cancer. Cancer Letters, 300(2), 122-133. <a
013">[More Information]</a>
Romo, P., Madigan, M., Provis, J., Cullen, K.
(2010). Differential effects of TGF-Beta and
FGF-2 on in vitro proliferation and migration of
primate retinal endothelial and Muller cells. Acta
Ophthalmologica, 89(3), 1-6. <a
0.01968.x">[More Information]</a>
Sutton, G., Madigan, M., Roufas, A., McAvoy, J.
(2010). Secreted frizzled-related protein 1
(SFRP1) is highly upregulated in keratoconus
epithelium: a novel finding highlighting a new
potential focus for keratoconus research and
treatment. Clinical and Experimental
Ophthalmology, 38(1), 43-48. <a
9.02216.x">[More Information]</a>
Kozulin, P., Natoli, R., Bumsted O'Brien, K.,
Madigan, M., Provis, J. (2010). The Cellular
Expression of Antiangiogenic Factors in Fetal
Primate Macula. Investigative Ophthalmology
and Visual Science, 51(8), 4298-4306.
Kozulin, P., Natoli, R., Bumsted O'Brien, K.,
Madigan, M., Provis, J. (2010). The Cellular
Expression of Antiangiogenic Factors in Fetal
Primate Macula. Investigative Ophthalmology
and Visual Science, 51(8), 4298-4306. <a
More Information]</a>
Wang, L., Madigan, M., Chen, H., Liu, F.,
Patterson, K., Beretov, J., O'Brien, P., Li, Y.
(2009). Expression of urokinase plasminogen
activator and its receptor in advanced epithelial
ovarian cancer patients. Gynecologic Oncology,
114(2), 265-272. <a
031">[More Information]</a>
Cunneen, T., Conway, R., Madigan, M. (2009).
In vitro effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors
and mitomycin C on tenon capsule fibroblasts
and conjunctival melanoma cells. Archives of
Ophthalmology, 127(4), 414-420. <a
2009.64">[More Information]</a>
Davies, S., Chui, J., Madigan, M., Provis, J.,
Wakefield, D., Di Girolamo, N. (2009). Stem
cell activity in the developing human cornea.
Stem Cells: the international journal of cell
differentiation and proliferation, 27(11),
2781-2792. <a
e Information]</a>
Lai, K., Conway, R., Crouch, R., Jager, M.,
Madigan, M. (2008). Expression and distribution
of MMPs and TIMPs in human uveal melanoma.
Experimental Eye Research, 86(6), 936-941. <a
10">[More Information]</a>
Madigan, M., Kingsley, E., Cozzi, P., Delprado,
W., Russell, P., Li, Y. (2008). The role of
extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer
protein in prostate cancer progression. Cancer
Immunology, Immunotherapy: other biological
response modifications, 57(9), 1367-1379. <a
3-x">[More Information]</a>
Shah, H., Conway, R., Van Quill, K., Madigan,
M., Howard, S., Qi, J., Weinberg, V., O'Brien, J.
(2007). Beta-lapachone inhibits proliferation and
induces apoptosis in retinoblastoma cell lines.
Eye, 22(3), 454-460. <a
&list_uids=17363928">[More Information]</a>
Lai, K., Sharma, V., Jager, M., Conway, R.,
Madigan, M. (2007). Expression and distribution
of MUC18 in human uveal melanoma. Virchows
Archiv: an international journal of pathology,
451(5), 967-976. <a
8-0">[More Information]</a>
Li, Y., Wang, J., Rizvi, S., Cozzi, P., Madigan,
Publications for Michele Madigan
M., Power, C., Russell, P., Allen, B. (2006).
Control of DU 145 and LNCaP-LN3 prostate
cancer spheroid growth using 213Bi-labeled
multiple targeted alpha radioimmunoconjugates.
2006 AACR Annual Meeting, United Kingdom:
Oxford University Press.
Wang, J., Rizvi, S., Madigan, M., Cozzi, P.,
Power, C., Qu, C., Morgenstern, A., Apostolidis,
C., Russell, P., Allen, B., Li, Y. (2006). Control
of prostate cancer spheroid growth using
(213)Bi-labeled multiple targeted alpha
radioimmunoconjugates. The Prostate, 66(16),
1753-1767. <a
ore Information]</a>
Allende, A., Madigan, M., Provis, J. (2006).
Endothelial cell proliferation in the
choriocapillaris during human retinal
differentiation. British Journal of
Ophthalmology, 90(8), 1046-1051. <a
&list_uids=16613918">[More Information]</a>
Cozzi, P., Wang, J., Delprado, W., Madigan, M.,
Fairy, S., Russell, P., Li, Y. (2006). Evaluation
of urokinase plasminogen activator and its
receptor in different grades of human prostate
cancer. Human Pathology, 37(11), 1442-1451.
05.002">[More Information]</a>
Madigan, M., Sharma, V., Lai, K., Jager, M.,
Conway, R. (2006). Expression of MUC18
(CD146) in human choroidal melanomas.
European Journal of Cancer, 4, European
Journal of Cancer Supplements(6), 31, point No.
Qi, J., Wang, J., Mandadi, S., Tanaka, K.,
Roufogalis, B., Madigan, M., Lai, K., Yan, F.,
Chong, B., Stevens, R., et al (2006). Human and
mouse mast cells use the tetraspanin CD9 as an
alternate interleukin-16 receptor. Blood, 107(1),
135-142. <a
&list_uids=16144798">[More Information]</a>
Georges, P., Cornish, E., Provis, J., Madigan, M.
(2006). Muller cell expression of glutamate cycle
related proteins and anti-apoptotic proteins in
early human retinal development. British Journal
of Ophthalmology, 90(2), 223-228. <a
&list_uids=16424538">[More Information]</a>
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metalloproteinase production. Graefe's Archive
for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, ,
1-10. <a
4-x">[More Information]</a>
Provis, J., Penfold, P., Cornish, E., Sandercoe,
T., Madigan, M. (2005). Anatomy and
development of the macula: specialisation and
the vulnerability to macular degeneration.
Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 88(5),
269-281. <a
&list_uids=16255686">[More Information]</a>
Cole, N., Hume, E., Khan, S., Madigan, M.,
Husband, A., Garthwaite, L., Willcox, M.
(2005). Contribution of the cornea to cytokine in
the whole eye induced during the early phase of
Pseudomonas aeruginosa challage. Immunology
and Cell Biology, 83(3), 301-306. <a
&list_uids=15877609">[More Information]</a>
Tretiach, M., Madigan, M., Wen, L., Gillies, M.
(2005). Effect of Müller cell co-culture on in
vitro permeability of bovine retinal vascular
endothelium in normoxic and hypoxic
conditions. Neuroscience Letters, 378(3),
160-165. <a
&list_uids=15781151">[More Information]</a>
Cornish, E., Madigan, M., Natoli, R., Hales, A.,
Hendrickson, A., Provis, J. (2005). Gradients of
cone differentiation and FGF expression during
development of the foveal depression in macaque
retina. Visual Neuroscience, 22(4), 447-459. <a
&list_uids=16212702">[More Information]</a>
Pham, V., Wen, L., McCluskey, P., Madigan,
M., Penfold, P. (2005). Human retinal microglia
express candidate receptors for HIV-1 infection.
British Journal of Ophthalmology, 89(6),
753-757. <a
&list_uids=15923514">[More Information]</a>
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M., Wong, J. (2005). Immunology and
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Li, Y., Wang, J., Rizvi, S., Jager, M., Conway,
R., Billson, F., Allen, B., Madigan, M. (2005). In
vitro targeting of NG2 antigen by 213Bi-9.2.27
Publications for Michele Madigan
alpha-immunoconjugate induces cytotoxicity in
human uveal melanoma cells. Investigative
Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 46(12),
4365-4371. <a
&list_uids=16303921">[More Information]</a>
Tretiach, M., Madigan, M., Gillies, M. (2004).
Conditioned Medium From Mixed Retinal
Pigmented Epithelium And M?Ller Cell Cultures
Reduces In Vitro Permeability Of Retinal
Vascular Endothelial Cells. British Journal of
Ophthalmology, 88(7), 957-961.
Qi, J., Li, L., Li, Y., Moore, K., Madigan, M.,
Katsoulotos, G., Krilis, S. (2003). An antibody
raised against in Vitro-derived human mast cells
identifies mature mast cells and a population of
cells that are Fc E RI +, Tryptase - , and
Chymase - in a variety of human tissues. Journal
of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry: imaging
the spectrum of cell biology, 51(5), 643-653.
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(2003). Differential expression of GFAP in early
v late AMD: a quanititative analysis. British
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