Authorization to Use Music Rooms

Authorization to Use Music Rooms
I agree to abide by the Music Room Agreement as described below. I
understand the Music Department reserves the right to suspend my use of the
room for a minimum of one academic semester if, in the opinion of the
department chair, I fail to abide by the spirit and intent of this policy.
 I agree that that under no circumstances will I share access codes with
anyone else.
 I will not remove any college owned instruments and/or equipment without
written permission of the department chair.
 I understand the rooms are for use by Muhlenberg College
Faculty/Staff/Students only.
 I will not use the room to store my own instruments and/or equipment.
 I will not intentionally damage the room, furniture, instruments or
equipment, and understand that I will be held responsible for any such
 I understand that no food or drink is allowed in music rooms.
 I understand that the room must be returned to its original condition after
each use – chairs and music stands on racks, piano locked and covered, all
media services equipment returned, percussion instruments and amplifiers
stored neatly.
 I understand that lights must be turned off and doors closed and locked when
I leave.