AREA 51/KIRKHOF CENTER DAYTIME PROGRAMS Intern Application and Information Packet 2009-2010

Intern Application and Information Packet 2009-2010
The Area 51/Kirkhof Center Daytime Programs Committee is looking for high energy,
fun, and hard working people to join the team. The purpose of this group is to coordinate
programs in the Kirkhof Center, utilize the Area 51 programming space, as well as to
promote activities and the brand Area 51. Benefits to being on the committee include:
Great opportunity to gain valuable experience in campus programming
Develop leadership skills
Networking with other student organizations
Develop great customer service skills
To be a member of the Area 51 Team, a GPA of 2.0 must be maintained, you must be
present at planning meetings which will take place every week, recruit volunteers and
organizations, and be onsite for most of the events. Most events will take place Monday
through Thursday as Laker Late Night will program evens on the weekends. Events may
take place during daytime and evening hours.
If you are interested, just fill out this application and return to Event Service located
inside the Office of Student in the Kirkhof Center. If you have any questions please
contact Nick Smith at [email protected]
General Information (Please print clearly)
Name______________________________ G Number______________
Current Phone Number __________________Alt. Number_________________
Email___________________ Academic Standing_________________________
Best time to be reached: _____________________________________________
Please List any activities other than school that you may be involved in currently?
a. ___________________
b. ___________________
c. ___________________
d. ___________________
e. ___________________
What previous programming experience if any do you have?
Why do you want to part of the Area 51/KC Daytime Programs Team
Please Answer the Following Questions Within the Space Provided
(Please use the back of this sheet if additional space is required)
1. What student organizations have you been a member of during the past year (please include
registered student organizations, fraternities, sororities, etc.)?
2. What other organizations are you planning on participating in this year?
3. What service activities have you participated in during the past year?
4. Have you ever attended any events in Area 51? Why or why not?
5. Please list three characteristics a programming intern should have? How have you displayed
these characteristics?
6. Area 51/KC Daytime programs Interns are all assigned a variety of duties that deal with event
planning, marketing, and assessment. Are you willing to help out in all areas and how would
you go about doing this?
7. How would you deal with a situation where you had to work with someone that you disagreed
8. Do you have any event programming experience? If so, what difficulties arose and how did
you work around them?
9. If you were responsible for designing a small (50-100 person capacity) programming space
on campus, what would it look like?
10. How would you publicize activities in this space?
Internship Description
Approximately 20 hours per week
Attend and manage events
Assist in planning daytime programs
Research program options
Determine programming needs
Discover/create marketing opportunities for daytime programs
Collaborate with Student organizations to sponsor/host events
Create a monthly calendar for Area 51 programming
Research major sporting/entertainment events to air in Area 51
Collaborate with Campus Dining to co-sponsor and create special menus
Complete all work orders for event set up needs
Track attendance at events
Experience Gained:
Learn about venue setups, technical needs, and work orders
Network with other students and departments on campus
Become a campus activities resource for other students
Various event planning experience for GVSU events and other locations
Create and implement marketing campaign
Area 51 Mission and Goals
Area 51 will provide a venue for students to coordinate musical events and showcase
student performers. The venue will have permanent sound, stage, and lighting, to reduce
the amount of setup and labor required to have small scale musical performances.
Provide an easily accessible venue for student performers
Enhance Laker Late Night and Kirkhof Center Daytime Programs by
providing a venue that GVSU students know has quality entertainment
Educate student workers on how to run a small sound system for live
Make “Area 51” a brand that students aware of and know that they can to go
see quality programs
Showcase student performers whether they are involved in the music
department or just have a desire to perform
Provide entertainment programs that will not conflict with the day to day
business of the offices in the Kirkhof Center
Provide a central viewing location for GVBN programs
Showcase Laker Athletics and Sports Clubs by showing games, interviews,
etc. on the big screen