443 Video Presentation Grading Rubric Group #______________________

443 Video Presentation Grading Rubric
Group #______________________
Video should be 15 minutes long give or take 30 seconds. Please ensure that each group member is
actively presenting for at least 2 minutes.
Organization/Content - Group
Engineering Requirements are included
Non-passing requirements are addressed and reasons are provided (focus on
helping next year’s seniors)
An overview of the system including some type of image.
The content is clear and would be understandable to a typical freshman ECE
A prototype demonstration is included, gives a good overall example of the
project, and is at least 2 minutes in length.
A short ‘Recommendations for Future Seniors’ is included as the last part of the
video of approximately 1minute in length.
Visual Aids / Presentation Quality - Group
Fonts and graphics are large enough to be seen in the video.
The slides/content are arranged to support the main points.
The presentation does not have unnecessary graphics, content, or special
Voice and audio is leveled so that all portions of the video are of equal and
sufficient volume.
All graphics are computer generated (no videos include a whiteboard/etc. as a
visual aid)
Presenter video is good quality and presenters are dressed in business casual
Presentation Delivery - Individual
The presentation has been rehearsed and is VERY smooth.
Presenters do not use cue cards.
Presented technical content is accurate and clear.
(Org.Cont. ) * 3  (Vis.Aid) *1  (Pres.Deli v.) * 3
 Score