Now that you have had the opportunity to work with your fellow teammates for the duration of ECE441, you need to
help them by giving them some suggestions for improvement and complementing them on their strengths. For each of
your team mates, you should write about two of their strengths and two of their weaknesses. Combined, you must write
at least a full page (typed, 11pt. font, single spaced) on the strengths and weaknesses (½ of a page each) for each team
mate. These pages will be turned into the instructor and to the team mate they were written for. At the beginning of the
next term, each person will be asked to write a short summary of how they plan to address the areas they were
suggested to improve in.
Evaluation Tips:
When you are writing your evaluations of your peers, above all remember to give the type of information that you
would want to receive. This means constructive information, specific examples, ideas on how to improve, etc... Short
statements like ‘You were great’ are useless in the long run.
Further, focus on your team mate’s aspect that effect the project. While sometimes these aspects may be a of a
personality nature and should be commented on, try to understand the aspects from the team mate’s point of view as
Evaluation Criteria:
The course instructor will read all of the reviews and assess a score based on student commitment to the assignment. It
is very important that the things done well and the suggestions are real and thoughtful items. This is a learning
experience for both the evaluator and the person being evaluated. It is very difficult to put words to a person’s actions;
however it is a vital skill.
Reviewed Person: